First Haul: Primark/New Look

So I’ve taken the plunge and officially started a blog primarily on fashion and beauty! I know I have already blogged one post (and I used to have a photography blog on my college work) but I thought I would start an “actual” post on a few things I’ve bought in the last week from Primark and New Look. These are all sale items as I have a knack for being able to find real bargains. I just seem to go at the “right times” without sounding big headed. People always compliment me on clothes I find as I usually find quirky dresses for about £5.


Anyway, back on topic! Here’s a photo of everything I’ve recently bought. I apologise for the slightly overexposed photographs as despite having my very own dSLR and flashgun, I do not have particularly good lighting and it didn’t help that these were taken late at night!


Primark Items

I will start with this pair of shorts (see below). They were not a sale item but were a grand total of £5! The quality isn’t bad for the price either! I live in shorts and have been eyeing up buying a new pair for ages. However, I will say they are quite tight for the size! Now, I’m one of those people that’s an awkward in between size 8/10. I usually tend to go for a 10 to be safe but quite often I’m not really big enough to fill them. These on the other hand, fit but if I got any bigger, I think I would struggle. For the price though, you can’t go wrong! I really like them and they will definitely be big in my summer wardrobe. If you’re not a big fan of this kind of coloured denim, Primark also have a number of variant colours for the same price.

(Again, apologies for the awful shot of this!) This top was a sale item. Originally for £6, I got it for £3.90. I bought it thinking it’s the kind of top you can wear casually for summer with jeans or a pair of shorts, or alternatively you can dress it up with a smart skirt for formal events. I will say, seeing as it’s very thin material and fairly see through, I would advise either wearing a white bra underneath or a plain top. I personally wear a brown strappy top underneath as it’s fairly neutral and not too obvious!


Originally £4, I picked up this purse for £2. Seeing as my usual purse is fairly huge (due to the amount of store cards I own!) I thought this would be perfect for smaller handbags or just when you don’t want a purse taking up so much space in you handbag! I think it’s quite pretty too! I have a slight soft spot to anything blue as it’s my favourite colour! 🙂 The photo below shows inside the purse. It does also contain a part for cards, I just didn’t think about taking a photo of it (sorry, guys!).


Another purse. I got this one for £1. It was originally £2 (as I’m sure you can see from the tag in the photo above). Although it’s tiny and there isn’t space for cards, I thought it would be a good purse for nights out when you really do like to take clutch/tiny bags out. It has enough space for change/notes and to fit your ID and a bank card. I think it’s also really pretty as I LOVE the little diamante, sparkly sequins.


Every year, I always end up buying a new pair of sunglasses as for some unknown reason I always lose them somewhere. So I picked up this pair for £2. They were not in the sale as this is their full price. I personally always choose this kind of style, big thick ones (as I have a fairly round face so they suit me well) or Top Gun style aviators. I really like this specific pair as they look really 1960s vintage-esque and for the price, they are definitely worth the money. They also contain a little bag to pop them in when stored in your handbag. Personally, I find this really useful as it prevents them from scratching and as I wear glasses, it means I don’t have to buy/carry another case around with me on the off chance we have sun (I live in England. Sunny weather is a rarity!).


I never really look at Primark’s cosmetic stuff but I was browsing their perfumes and found this. It’s a really sweet floral smelling liquid, similar to Katy Perry’s Meow is how I can compare it. I personally love these kind of smells for a perfume. You can buy a slightly bigger bottle but I thought for £2, this would be the perfect handbag size in case you need to freshen up!


I thought that it’s great that it comes with a rollerball on the end as this would “hopefully” prevent handbag spillages or the spray top being lost. (Trust me, both of these have happened to me!) If you prefer more musty smells then Primark also sell another one which I don’t remember the name of but it’s exactly the same price!


New Look Items


Lastly, I will come on to my New Look items. It wasn’t really so much of a haul in New Look as I only picked up two items but seeing as together they only cost me £3, you can’t go wrong! Again, I apologise for the photography as I had awful lighting. The item on the left (I know isn’t very clear) is a pair of earrings in a baby pink, shaped like butterflies. I bought them thinking they look very summary and I have a blazer that they match. I don’t really wear socks but seeing as they were priced at £1 and most of mine are holey, I thought they would be a good buy considering my feet are ALWAYS cold!


So that’s the end of my little haul, I hope you enjoy my post! I hope you’re all having a good Easter and enjoying lots of chocolate!

What have you found in the sales recently?

Izzy x


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