Life Update: That Limbo Stage of finishing uni…

It’s all fun and games trying to hunt for a job when you’re just about to finish uni yet keeping being told you have “no life experience”…

So as I’m currently on my “Easter break” at uni, I’m in that limbo stage of looking for a job/working more hours at my current job and revising for my one exam and writing my last assignment. As much as I have the skills to walk into a job, it’s so hard to feel like “I’m better than your other candidates” kind of attitude as I’m a very modest person. It’s also hard to explain that yes, I am available but I have a teeny bit of uni to finish which can be done around a job.

lebellelavie - life limbo stage of finishing uni - meme

But the question is whether to stay in education or take a break?

I’ve decided at least I’m having a year out working before potentially going back to education. I want to experience working in the real world, earning money to live off instead of being a full time student that has a part time job, who goes full time during the summer months.

Since I was fourteen, I’ve worked in hospitality/retail jobs and although they have been fun, incredibly hard sometimes and a place I have met plenty of lovely people along the way – it just feels pointless to have gone to uni and then go working full time in to that. It begs the question of “why did you waste 9k+ every year doing something that you haven’t even used?” Although the jobs I’ve been looking at, you don’t need to be degree qualified, I can still use my academic skills in them. Whilst if I stay working in hospitality, I may as well have worked full time and worked my way up by now!

lebellelavie - life limbo stage of finishing uni - meme

Volunteering for experience

It’s also an incredibly scary time thinking thinking about what to do with your life. I’m also currently training to become a museum volunteer at the local museums and a Volunteer Support worker for the Royal British Legion. So despite the lack of education, it’s going to be an incredibly busy year!

Did you go to uni? If so, how did you feel after finishing?

Izzy x

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