Life Update: Finishing uni, first job & becoming a graduate

Job, car, festivals, finishing uni – an update on my life over the summer…

So I appreciate I haven’t posted anything in the last three months which is very bad of me (I know! *slaps wrists*). The last few months have been ever so hectic! So to get back into blogging again, I’ve decided to give you an update on my life of the last three months (or whenever it was I last posted).

Once I had handed my dissertation in way back in March, I thought it would be a good idea to start graduate job hunting to be ahead of the game of everyone else and because I had only a handful of uni assessments left to do! After having rejection after rejection, I was starting to think that I was never going to find anything with which my mum kept informing me not to lose faith as I hadn’t even finished uni yet!

However, one day as I was going about getting ready to volunteer at the museum, I got a phone call from a shipping security company offering me a job as an HR Assistant. This made me very happy and I started the day after I finished my last exam at uni. I am still enjoying it and deciding that a career in HR maybe the route for me! Unfortunately I can’t really talk about the company I work for over social media but what I can tell you is we defeat pirates and I am responsible for keeping records up to date.

After what appeared to be a long time waiting for my dissertation and degree results, I finished uni with a 2:1! I now have to wait until October for graduation where I get to graduate in the Cathedral and pretend I’ve attended Hogwarts in my robes for the day.

I have joined the gym as I thought going from working on my feet for nine hours of the day > sitting in an office all day – I will probably put on weight! So I attend the gym approximately three times a week. I vary it to exercise classes and swimming so I don’t get fed up and skip going. It’s fun and I am slowly getting “gainz”.

Last month, I was lucky enough to attend Glastonbury Festival which was great fun and to have a catch up with my old college friends. We had a good laugh even if we didn’t think the line up was as great as the previous couple of years. (Yes, I did witness Kanye West mention he was “the greatest living rockstar”…).

Life doesn’t seem to be too bad currently. I got a new car last month (a Hyundai i10) and Greg and I are going to look for a place of our own come the next month or so. Facebook is informing me by the influx of my fellow graduates’ statuses that they are only just looking for jobs and gaining interviews for potential jobs. I feel like I had my head screwed on a bit and took the opportunity to look earlier rather than later. I appreciate other people may want a break from education for a few months or to go travelling but for me, this wasn’t really an option. With a job, I can save up and go on holidays as Greg and I are both young professionals/graduates with good jobs – so you could say, “the world is our oyster!”

I am currently enjoying a week off work in the Lake District (where it’s not raining for once!) We are planning on enjoying the sunset tonight as it is currently beautiful weather outside. If I remember I will post some photos; but for now, enjoy a few of my highlights of Glastonbury! 🙂

Izzy xxx

lebellelavie - Glastonbury festival 2015

lebellelavie - Glastonbury festival 2015

lebellelavie - Glastonbury festival 2015

lebellelavie - Glastonbury festival 2015

lebellelavie - Glastonbury festival 2015

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