Trip to the Lakes!

So as promised, I would write a post on my trip to the Lake District with Greg.

It is an incredibly beautiful part of the country, containing plenty of natural beauty which makes it perfect for nature lovers! However, as pretty as it is, it is far too rural for my liking so I don’t think I could live there! There’s too much travelling to get anywhere and you’re miles from everywhere! sadly I’m too much of a City Gal to consider it as a place I would call home.

While we were there, we took the opportunity to go rowing, powerboating, walking watching the sunset over the mountains and grab a bite to eat out a few times with Greg’s family. It was a nice relaxing break from work too!

There’s not a lot else I can say about it really, apart from include some of my photographs to show just how beautiful it can be on a sunny, summer’s day! Unfotunately most of these have only been taken off my phone as I forgot to bring my dSLR *sad face* (Also, my sunglasses do look rather wonky on my face!)











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