Things I’ve been lusting after in September

At some point during every month, I run out of money at some point so I like to make a list of things that I’ve been lusting after that month. Once all the bills have been paid and any spare cash I may have, I like to splash out a little and treat myself. As listed below, these are the things I have been lusting after in September:

lebellelavie - Things I've been lusting after in September

The Once Upon a Time books – If you look in the link and then below the book by the Grimm brothers, there are plenty of books about the TV series, including Marvel graphic novels! I’m a massive fan of this series and literally cannot wait for season 5 to start. I’m also a massive Disney fan and I love how they’ve tried to keep the characters looking fairly similar to these films; e.g. Elsa and Anna, Belle’s dress and a couple of songs they’ve included in the background of episodes; e.g. Beauty & the Beast and Cruella de Vil. My favourite characters have to be Hook (as he’s a bit of a hearthob) and Rumplestilskin as Robert Carlyle is quite simply an amazing actor! Unfortunately as there are quite a few books relating to OUAT, I may have to wait until Christmas for these seeing as I have a holiday and graduation coming up but it’s something I’m keeping my eye on!

Topshop Mary Jane Shoes – Despite the name Topshop have given these shoes, they do not relate to marijuana. I popped into Topshop a couple of weeks ago in Southampton with my sister and I saw this gorgeous pair of shoes! My shoe size is really 5.5 but as most places don’t really sell half size shoes, I usually have to buy a 6 but find them that little bit too big. However, this pair were obviously a small six and fitted perfectly! I think that they would be a great pair of shoes for the upcoming autumnal and winter months as well as being smart and comfortable for all day wear for work. Next month’s pay cheque will definitely be buying these!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation & Nars Sheer Glow Foundation – Both of these foundations are something I’ve been wanting to try for a while but unfortunately as a student for the last few years, I’ve never had the luxury of being able to afford branded make up But now I work full time, I don’t feel so guilty about splashing out a little on myself and worrying that I won’t have enough money for the bills every month. Both of these people keep recommending me to try as they get so many good reviews! These will be something I purchase at some point as my “going out” make up.

Mac Face Powder – Another brand I hear good reviews of. Seeing as I unfortunately have combination/oily skin and Mac have a fairly pale powder, I really want to purchase this for those days I’m out for a long time. Again, I would probably wear it on the same days I would wear the foundations listed above, as a “going out” powder. I usually have that problem of my skin goes shiny or it looks really cakey if I apply more powder.

The Great Gatsby DVD – I know this came out a while ago but I really loved this adaption of the book. I think Leonardo de Caprio and Toby Mcguire are great actors and I also loved how they put a bit of a modern twist on it! It’s definitely a film I could watch over and over again and the DVD is only £5 on Amazon! Bargain!

Morrisey: List of the Lost novel – If you know me, you will know I’m a massive Morrissey/Smiths’ fan. After hearing Morrissey was going to release his own novel, I got so excited! I read his 2013 debut Autobiography and enjoyed his style of writing so much, I found it hard to put down! It is released at the end of September so it will probably be another thing I purchase with this month’s pay cheque, despite what the reviews might say!

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon – I went to London a couple of weeks ago with Greg and one of my sisters’ and brother but unfortunately the Audrey Hepburn exhibition, hosted by the National Portrait Gallery, was fully booked until around now. As much as this was a shame as I would love to go, like most exhibitions, there is a book to accompany it. As the exhibition is only temporary, to me, this is the next best thing and I really want to buy it! If you know me, you will know that Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons and that I also love vintage Hollywood glamour photos.

Viktor & Rolf Perfume – This is a perfume I’ve been itching to buy for a while after my sister let me smell hers. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to purchase it just yet. It smells really beautiful, floral and sweet which is what I love in a perfume. My sister said people compliment her for hours after she’s sprayed this on how lovely she smells. It also gets a lot reviews raving about. It might be another thing to add to the Christmas list…

I realise this list contains a lot of books but that’s probably due to the fact I used to be a massive bookworm and I’m finally realising that I can just read for pleasure again! 🙂

What’s in your September monthly favourites? Is there anything you would recommend? 

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