HOLIDAY! (Lanzarote)

So I’ve been a little absent on the blogging front the last couple of weeks due to going on holiday to Lanzarote and having a hectic week at work, as well as catching up with friends. So I thought I would do a post about my holiday!

The island of Lanzarote is very baron but what you would describe as being pretty in its own unique way. Especially on a clear, sunny day the landscape looks absolutely stunning! Despite it coming up to their winter as well, the temperature was a steady 25-30C pretty much everyday (so essentially even hotter than our summer!). If you want to catch a bit of sun and sea during those winter months, it’s a great place to go to! I dread how hot the summer months would be there so I definitely won’t be going in the summer anytime soon!

Although we crammed our days full of doing tourist attractions that the island had to offer, a week was plenty long enough unless you like spreading out things to do on your days and lounging round the pool sunbathing. If we had stayed longer than a week, I think I would have spent a lot more days at the beaches, swimming in the sea. Although at some beaches, you may find a lot of topless women and naked men!

We visited all the main attractions; such as Manrique’s house (the architect that designed most buildings of the island), Timanfaya Volcano, the Cueva de los Verdes caves, Jardin de Cactus Gardens, the Castillo de Santa Barbara (essentially a castle built by the Spanish with an exhibition about pirates). We also had many beers at a number of bars, wine tasting at a vineyard and as well as a few meals out. A large beer is a litre and only 2 Euros during Happy Hour at a lot of bars! There wasn’t a great deal of food dedicated to vegetarians but I managed to find Spanish omelette and salads to eat, so I was happy enough with that.

I am also very excited to announce when we visited the Castillo de Santa Barbara, Greg got down on one knee and proposed to me! I obviously said yes. So now we have a wedding to plan! It gives me something to look forward to so I don’t get those holiday blues looking through our holiday pictures!

If you want to read about the places we visited click here. I’ve included a few of my photos, enjoy!

Have you got any exciting events or holidays planned?




















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