Lee Stafford Moroccan Oil hair products review

Anything with the mention of Argan or Moroccan Oil instantly draws me to it to replenish my combination of dry and greasy mop of hair, so as you can imagine it’s one of the reasons why I picked up the Lee Stafford hair products.

I bought this a while ago as it was on a 2 for £10 offer in Boots. Seeing as I like to try and use replenishing products for damaged hair, the mention of Argan Oil made it all the more appealing to buy. Although my hair is currently in a pretty good condition, I use to dye it vibrant colours (primarily red) and thought that bleaching it would be a good idea. It really wasn’t as it made chunks of it fall out and I had to have it cut short. To cut the story short – lesson learned. It took me months to get my hair back to a healthy state and even then the ends tend to be a little dry still!

Lee Stafford Moroccan Oil hair products review

So what did I think of these products? I really liked it as it made my hair feel soft and shiny without being greasy. As I tend to wash my hair every other day, it did actually keep the grease at bay whilst replenishing my hair. However, I have one slight issue with the shampoo as much as it felt great on my hair, it really irritated my scalp. Unfortunately, I have quite a sensitive scalp that is prone to dandruff and dry skin so I’m either stuck with itchy scalp and well replenished hair or greasy hair/head and non-itchy scalp.

Luckily, I managed to get around this by buying an anti-dandruff shampoo and mixing a little bit of this in with the Lee Stafford Shampoo bottle. Aside from the itchy scalp, the same could be said about the conditioner made my hair feel really soft and replenished. I had absolutely no issues with this one.

So how do I rate these products? I would love to repurchase both of these but unfortunately due to my sensitive scalp, I would probably only repurchase the conditioner. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy other Lee Stafford products. There’s plenty of products to try in the Lee Stafford Argan Oil range! If you have issues with dry and damaged hair then I would definitely recommend giving this a go. Keep an eye out in Boots as they quite often have fantastic offers on hair care products and you may even get it cheaper than it’s usual price of £10.99.

What Lee Stafford hair products would you recommend or like to try?

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