Things I’ve been lusting after in November

The lust list for November…

lebellelavie - Things I've been lusting after in November

The lust list for November isn’t quite as big as usual but it’s still got some pretty cool things on it that I really want!

Liz Earle Foundation: I saw this the other day and read some of the reviews which suggested it was good for pale skinned English roses (always a bonus for me). I’ve tried a few of the Liz Earle skincare range and really enjoyed them (another blog post soon). The reviews also suggested it lasted all day without going oily which is something I always look for in a foundation. Considering it’s priced at £21 and is renowned as being a good brand, I think it’s a pretty affordable price. Sadly, I  currently have too many foundations to justify buying any for a while.

DIY Fashion Shoot Book: I’ve wanted this for ages! You would think that having an A grade in A Level Photography that consisted of a project/module on fashion (which I got an A* for I may add :P) that I would be fairly confident in taking photos but I’m really not. I absolutely love trying to find all the tips and techniques out there that I can, including looking at other peoples blogs and ideas. It gives me so much inspiration and I feel that this book could help contribute to that (especially since I live in a house that is absolutely awful for taking photos!). It’s only £13.46 on Amazon with free delivery.

Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops: As I’ve previously mentioned above, I have fair skin that usually tends to be too pale for any “porcelain foundations” and I always have to go for the lightest shade. Unfortunately though even the lightest foundations may not always be light enough for my skin. I went to the Benefit counter once and asked about trying their foundations with a response of, “Your skin is way too pale for any of these so there’s no point you even trying them!” This is why I really want to try this to lighten all my shades of foundation that are too dark and not make me feel scared to try anything else in case it’s not light enough. Considering it costs £10 and recommends that you only need a couple of drops, I think it would be pretty good value for money.

Mac Viva Glam Lipstick: Viva Glam III: A real vibrant, berry red lipstick that I think looks perfect for a winter look. I absolutely adore this colour! I’ve heard so many good things about Mac lipsticks and I really want to try them.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick Limited Edition Star Wars Dark Berry: Sadly I think this is now all sold out. I was eager to get my hands on this as it’s such a beautiful colour! There were other lipsticks and mascaras in the range all at a pretty reasonable price. But alas,  due to Black Friday it appeared to be sold out within a couple of hours. 🙁 Although it’s a fairly similar colour to the Mac lipstick, I thought it would be great to wear this time of year and especially in time for the release of the new film coming out! It was pretty reasonably priced too as it was about the same price as a standard Max Factor lipstick. Oh well, here’s to hoping they release another batch soon.

OUAT: I’ll Take the Pirate! top: It’s not official merchandise but Facebook kept showing this on my newsfeed and considering how much I like Hook, I decided to purchase. It’s priced at £14.42 but with a couple of pounds for postage and packaging. You can also purchase hoodies and tank tops in various colours. Although it will be ironic wearing this considering I work for company that defeats pirates – Somali pirates, not the Hook or Jack Sparrow kind, I hasten to add!

What’s been on your Wish List this month?

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