The December 2015 Christmas edition Birchbox

Christmas season is very much upon us so there’s no excuse for this month’s Birchbox not to be a Christmas edition…

As this is becoming a regular post for me to write about my monthly Birchbox purchase, obviously I wasn’t going to skip December’s. Instead of a box this month it’s a Birchbag and it does not disappoint! This month focuses more on make up products rather than skincare products like previous months. It’s aimed at providing you with products that could be used for Christmas parties, the clutch the products come in is gorgeous! You can buy a chain for £3 on Birchbox’s website or spend £20 to get it for free with the code BBXGOLD.

lebellelavie - The December 2015 Christmas edition Birchbox

Benefit Puff Off! and They’re Real! Push Up Liner Duo:
I purchased the They’re Real! Push Up Liner about year ago and really like it. It lasts along time but can smudge if applied to thick. The only downside I have to it is that it can be quite fiddly to apply so you need to practice using it a few times before wearing it out. The Puff Off! cream, on the other hand, is the first time I’ve tried it. I’ve been using it in the mornings while going through my daily skincare and make up routine before going to work. On tired, puffy eyes it’s incredibly soothing and wakes my eyes up before having to head off to work. Seeing as I already have, I would probably repurchase the They’re Real! Push Up Liner but probably not the Puff Off!. Despite enjoying it, I’m quite happy using Boots own Cucumber eye gel which helps soothe my eyes just as well and for a fraction of the price! You can purchase both together for £41 from Birchbox’s website.

Model Co Ultra Long-Lasting Lipstick:
Originally I had the rosier pink lipstick called “Kitty”. However, I’m not a fan of nude lipsticks so I swapped this for a dark red lipstick called “Smitten” with my friend Kate (you can read her blog here). I quite like this lipstick and it’s a really lovely colour. The one flaw I have with it is that I didn’t think it lasted as long as reviews have suggested. Although this could be due to me having a cold and it rubbing off when blowing my nose. You can purchase a set of 3 various shades of lipsticks from Birchbox’s website for £15.50.

Ciate London Paint Pot:
I’ve had a different colour of this nail varnish brand in a previous Birchbox and loved it! I was so impressed with how long it lasted for without chipping. A lot of nail varnishes I find I can wear for a couple of days and then they start to chip. However, this brand I can wear for approximately a week before it starts chipping. The colour I received this month was gorgeous bright orange. Not sure if it’s a colour I would specifically choose as a “going out” nail varnish but it certainly matches my orange dresses. You can buy this nail varnish in various colours from Birchbox’s website for £9. I may invest in some other colours.

Monu Professional Skincare:
This moisturiser doesn’t have so much of a perfume scent as other Birchbox sample moisturiers have but it does make your skin feel smooth, firm and supple. I don’t think I would pay for a full sized pot as it’s a little pricey but it is a nice moisturiser. You can purchase it on Birchbox’s website for £22.50.

Rituals T’ai Chi Foaming Shower Gel:
This shower gel is really nice. It comes out all foamy like shaving gel so you only need a coin size amount for it to foam up. It feels quite silky and nourishing on your skin and has a nice fresh smell that isn’t too overbearing. I would probably purchase this as it’s quite unsual to find a foam shower gel and I can imagine an actual full sized bottle would last a while. The sample bottle I’ve used about five or six times and its still got plenty in it. You can purchase this off Birchbox’s website for £8.50.

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Eau de Parfum:
I’m usually not much of a fan of the perfume samples provided by Birchbox as they’re usually very musky smelling. I much prefer floral, sweet smelling perfumes. However, is much more of a sweet, floral smelling one and is very pleasant. A smell that I would quite happily wear. Considering I own a lot of perfumes, I’m not sure I love it enough to purchase but it’s definitely one I wouldn’t say no to having in my Birchbox. You can purchase a full sized bottle for £50 from Birchbox’s website.

What did you receive in your Birchbox? Anything you would recommend buying? 

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