Confectioner’s Custard & Forest Fruit Flan Recipe

Stuck for pudding ideas? Then look no further than this very quick, simple and easy but very tasty Confectioner’s Custard & Forest Fruit Flan recipe.

I apologise for the lack of posts this week but I’ve been a little under the weather so have taken a slight step back from blogging but hopefully now I’m back on track. Today I thought I’d include a post that was a little bit different to usual so today’s post is on food. Not just any food though, but as you can see from the recipe below, a fantastic cheap and easy recipe for anyone and everyone!

Confectioner's Custard & Forest Fruit Flan Recipe

This recipe is known as a Confectioner’s Custard Flan with which I simply just threw on a few mixed frozen berries on top. Apart from the berries, it’s all home-made and a recipe I used to make with my Gran when I was little. It could be an idea for Christmas baking for those people that don’t have as much of a sweet tooth and it’s a bit different to mince pies and chocolate Yule log.



  • Plain flour
  • Butter
  • Sugar

Confectioners Custard:

  • Plain flour
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Sugar



I started by presetting the oven to 200C and then making the pastry first, I tend to usually make pastry by eye but use this recipe as a base for measurements and alter it. I mixed together the flour and butter to make a dough and then added the sugar. I also added a couple of teaspoons of Monin Vanilla syrup I had lying around. This added a nice flavour to the pastry without making it taste too sweet. Once I was happy with the flavour of the pastry, I placed it in the fridge for roughly 15-30 minutes for the ingredients to combine together properly. After this time, I rolled it out and placed it into a standard flan dish ( as seen above) and blind baked it for 10-15 minutes (or until golden brown). Once you are happy it is cooked, leave to cool down to room temperature.

Confectioners Custard:

To create the Confectioners Custard, you need to start off with a basic white sauce. I tend to make this off the top of my head but I have included a link to a recipe I sometimes use for guidance (REMEMBER: If you’re making it sweet do NOT put salt and pepper in it!). Once I was happy with my white sauce, I included 2-3 dessert spoons of sugar along with a couple of teaspoons of Monin Honeycomb Syrup. You don’t have to include this exact amount of sugar or syrup but until you feel it’s sweet enough to your taste buds. Once you are happy with the taste of it, pour it in to the flan dish and wait for it to cool down to room temperature.

As you can see in the image above, I place some frozen mixed berries on the top. If frozen berries aren’t your jam (Yes, I intentionally wrote that pun, soz.) then you can always put other kinds of fruit on top like peaches, leave it plain or whatever else you fancy to give it an extra flavour.

Now it is ready, dish up and tuck in!

What quick and simple recipes do you like making? 

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