My favourite TV shows I’m currently watching

We all love a good binge watching session of our favourite TV shows or recommendations if we have nothing to watch, so here’s a few of my current favourite TV shows…

So I thought I’d write a slightly different post to the ones I usually write by reviewing the TV programmes I’m currently loving. Three out of four of these are from Netflix as I have a smart TV with a big Netflix button on the controller so I spend a lot of spare time watching stuff on here.

lebellelavie - My favourite TV shows I'm currently watching

Once Upon A Time:
Probably one of my favourite TV programmes ever (if you read my blog, you will know that I love this show)! If you haven’t seen it and love Disney, you should definitely give it a go! It’s based on the Disney versions of fairy tales but with slight adaptions to the original stories. They are all under a curse that brought them to a modern day American town.


I know a lot of people have been complaining about Season 5 but I love Dark Emma and now Captain Dark One. It just shows how good they are as actors to adapt. I also love the adaptions of all the fairy tales and how incredibly accurate some of the resemblances are to the Disney versions as well as how the characters interlink in to other fairy tales (e.g. Rumpelstiltskin is also the Beast in Beauty and the Beast and the Crocodile in Peter Pan). However, I do hope Hook sees the light and becomes good again. If they killed him off, I think there would be a huge backlash like with Merlin and Hook’s been in it a damn sight longer! Judging by last week’s episode this mid-season finale looks like it’s going to leave us on a massive cliff-hanger! From what I’ve read, the second half of the Season is a lot more focused on Hook (Yay!). Perhaps we’ll even see Zeleena see the light now that she has a baby? From the spoilers, it seems that the 100th episode is going to be one of the most exciting yet with old characters coming back. March, I cannot wait for you!

lebellelavie - My favourite TV shows I'm currently watching
Source: BBC America

The Last Kingdom:
The only programme I’ve been watching recently that isn’t on Netflix! This is based on Bernard Cornwall’s book about a Saxon that was adopted by Vikings who then became a Saxon again. Sounds very confusing but you need to watch it to understand! There is a lot of central focus on King Alfred and Winchester and is fairly accurate to an extent. However, the Vikings shield are not correct for the time (I wrote my dissertation on this topic which included the book) while the Saxons are. This could perhaps be for the viewer to differentiate who are Vikings and who are Saxons. Overall, it’s a very good show with a big budget for it from the BBC. If you like watching things like Game of Thrones, I would recommend watching this. The series finale is being shown next week and you can catch up with the series on BBC iPlayer.


lebellelavie - My favourite TV shows I'm currently watching
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I know a lot of people compare this to OUAT as this is also based on fairy tales (The Grimm Brothers’ to be precise hence the name) but the two are quite different. OUAT goes straight in to the story as most of the characters are quite obvious as to who they are whilst Grimm’s characters are not and it needs to go in to the back story to explain who they are. If you haven’t seen Grimm, the only comparison I can give you is that it’s quite similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m enjoying Grimm but as I’ve stated, it’s quite slow going so takes most of Season One to get you in to it and understand what’s going on. Monroe is definitely my favourite character. It’s also quite dark and quite violent at times which is probably something younger viewers shouldn’t really watch. I’m about three seasons behind being up to date but I’m slowly getting there.

lebellelavie - My favourite TV shows I'm currently watching

Jessica Jones: 
This has recently been added to Netflix and because it’s a Netflix owned show, you don’t have to wait weekly for each episode as they’ve all been uploaded to Netflix. This is only a thirteen episode season but it’s only the first season. It’s a spin-off of another Marvel Comic and there are references to other Marvel characters but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go if you haven’t seen any other Marvel films or programmes. I’m five episodes in and pretty hooked on it. It’s gritty and very much based on film noir. If you’re a fan of David Tennant (like me) he’s in but as the villain which he plays very well and you will hate him in this. The show’s about a girl called Jessica Jones with superhuman powers that is trying to stop a man named Kilgrave from harming others. I’m not saying anymore than that so I don’t give anymore away.


What TV programmes do you currently recommend? Do you watch Netflix or any other streaming devices?

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