2015: A Year in a Nutshell

I’ve seen a few of these posts about a “year in summary” so thought I would do one myself. I can’t say 2015 has been a bad year for me (apart from a few little things but these are too personal to talk about on here), it’s been pretty good overall! 🙂

Started my final semester at university and had the pleasure of walking past this cute former little bakery everyday.

My second Valentine’s day with Greg where he cooked me a lovely meal and I dressed up in this lovely maroon dress from Boohoo. I always get such lovely compliments when I wear it and I bought it in last years Christmas sale for a grand total of £10! 🙂

I said goodbye to this baby after all the stress, blood, sweat and tears it caused! As a lot of people have a mental breakdown when writing theirs, I had mine just after I had spent 13 hours editing it and no sleep for 48 hours! I got a 2:1 for it so all the hard work paid off! 🙂

After I handed in my dissertation, I started looking for jobs after I finished uni. Towards the end of April, I got offered a job as an HR Assistant and got to say goodbye to being a Barista for Costa Coffee! This was our “Christmas night out” in April…

It was another “end of an era” as I finished university and started my first full time job as a graduate. End of exams drinks at our Student Union.

I got my uni results and learnt that I was officially graduating with a 2:1. I also went to Glastonbury Festival with my college friends. We got to see Motorhead, Suede and The Who, among other such bands.

Greg and I also celebrated our two year anniversary. These are a selection of photos of us from the last couple of years.

I went on holiday with Greg to the Lake District as his Mum moved up there a couple of years ago. It was really pretty and lovely. However, I’m quite happy living down south so there’s no chance of me moving there anytime soon.

Nothing much really happened in August as far as I’m aware. I took up going to the gym and going for walks/runs fairly regularly so saw some really beautiful, scenic views round Winchester such as this.

This month felt weird due to not going back to uni. My siblings also came to stay and we went on a day trip to London and met up with my cousins which was nice. We went to visit lots of museums and even went to the biggest Forbidden Planet store in London. Here’s a photo of Greg and I in one of the museums, rocking the 80s/70s look of Denim and crochet.

A lot happened in this month. I graduated, we got engaged and we went on holiday to Lanzarote with Greg’s family. I even got to shake Alan Titchmarsh’s hand at graduation as he’s Winchester’s Chancellor as well as graduate in the Cathedral!

We visited a wedding venue to get ideas for our big day which isn’t even happening until 2018! 🙂 I really loved these roses as table decorations.

I visited a bridal shop with two of my best friends and one of my sisters (A post to follow on this very soon!). I got to go go-karting with work which was fun! Came back to Somerset for Christmas and having a lovely time with family. I’m also feeling very loved and lucky for the amount of presents I’ve received. 🙂

So essentially that was my year in a Nutshell! There’s been a lot of change but for the better. Most of these photos are from my blog or Instagram, so if you would like to see more, click the follow button! According to the #2015BestNine tag, these are my most popular Instagram photos:

How was your year in 2015?

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