Holidays are Coming!


Last Thursday, the Coca Cola Truck came to Winchester so we had to obviously go see it! Unfortunately there was a massive que going all the way down the High Street for people queuing to get a photo in front of the Truck. As you can see from the photos, we just decided to get some photos from the other side of the Truck. The Coca Cola team provided fake snow and a bunch of Christmas songs to add to the atmosphere.

The whole High Street was heaving! All the shops were open late, there was the market, street vendors and even a Coca Cola stool that was giving out free mini cans of coke. Sadly I didn’t get one as this also had a huge que which I wasn’t willing to stand in, especially considering it was raining.

As you can see from our awkward selfie below, we felt obliged to take a selfie but considering the amount of people and unless you wanted to que up then this was how it was going to be. It was still enjoyable to see nonetheless! 🙂

Has the Coca-Cola Truck come to visit near you? 



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