Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland…

It’s the second of December so it’s officially allowed to be Christmassy! 😀

Source: Winchester Cathedral

As you may know, I live in a small city in the South East of England called Winchester. It’s the old capital of Wessex so you will see a great deal of Saxon/King Alfred related things if you come to visit the city.

I’ve lived here for the last three and a half years when I started university and fell in love with the place so decided to stay here (also partly because of Greg), making it my adopted home town!

One of the best time’s of year to visit Winchester is through December when the Christmas Market is here and the streets look so festive. There’s so many fantastic gifts you can buy and food to try! You also have the opportunity of going ice skating. We bought a candle the other week and it smells absolutely gorgeous!

I feel to actually appreciate the beauty and magic of the Christmas Market is to visit it late in the evening when it’s closed. I sometimes like to go for a jog around the cathedral and back to my house, it’s so peaceful and quiet that you can just appreciate the beauty of it. I tend to stop and take a load of photos as you can see below.




















If you would like to visit the Winchester Christmas Markets, information is listed for it here on the Cathedral website. I really do recommend going!

What Christmas Markets have you been to or recommend?


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