Urban Decay Smoky Palette Review


I’ve never heard a bad review about the Urban Decay Naked palettes and I really wanted some nice eyeshadows! After having a browse of them all, I decided to go for the Smoky palette as I loved these colours most.

I ordered the palette through the Urban Decay website and got student discount, free delivery and two free complimentary samples! However, I did have to wait a week and a half for it but it was definitely worth it.

I never really wear eyeshadow that much as I usually find either I can’t apply it very well, it smudges or it creases and wears off. So many people say the Urban Decay eyeshadows last ages and I was slightly jubious about believing that at first… Until I tried it on! The first time I tried it, I wore it all day and it literally didn’t budge at all until I took it off to my amazement! I’ve tried it several times and it’s been exactly the same. I really would recommend these as you can get some beautiful looks that simply last until you take it off!You have a choice with the eyeshadows that you can choose matte or pigmented, sparkly ones. I tend to choose the matte ones as they wear easiest with eyeliner.

The two complimentary samples I received were seven free samples of different eye shadows and an eye liner pencil. I haven’t tried either of these two yet but due to the amount of Urban Decay products I own, I doubt they will disappoint!

As you can see, the eyeliner is purple colour called Vice and you can get various colours. It glides on really smoothly and is a creamy-like texture. It took a bit of scrubbing to get off my hand so it’s clearly one that doesn’t budge too easily which is always good for an eyeliner in my opinion! ūüôā It also gives an idea for a smoky eye look wearing this with one of your eyeshadows.

As I said, I haven’t tried any of these eyeshadows yet but they are some really pretty colours! It even includes a sample of the UD Anti-Aging Potion eye primer.

Hopefully I’m having a “girl’s night” soon so I actually get to wear it out and I’m so excited for it!

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