My First Week at Slimming World

I want to lose weight and have seen so many reviews or people I know suggesting that Slimming World is a great way for losing weight. I’ve decided to pluck the courage to join myself and see if it lives up to the hype.

lebellelavie - My First Week at Slimming World

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may know that I’ve recently started Slimming World, so I’ve decided to write a post about it.

Why did I join?
I decided to join Slimming World as three years of university either drinking, eating crap food and doing a dissertation has made me put on about 2 and a half stone. I didn’t actually realise this weight had crept up so dramatically in the last couple of years until I look back at old photos (which Facebook likes to remind me of so often!). Despite going to the gym for the last 6 months, I really hadn’t lost anything. I was spending in between 3-5 hours a week in the gym and spending £39 per month membership fees and nothing to show for it! This is when I decided I had to do something about it. So many people on Facebook were raving about how much weight they had lost with Slimming World and here I was feeling miserable that loads of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. I’ve never really tried dieting before as I’ve always been reasonably thin but this time I thought, “You know what? Let’s give this a go!”

The First Session
I’m not going to lie, I was feeling incredibly anxious just turning up to the first session. However, as soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile and asked if I was new. I obviously said yes and was introduced to a small group going through an induction and given a pack and forms to fill out. It took about an hour to go through but it was definitely beneficial learning what you can and can’t do!
Once this was finished, we joined the rest of the group as they went through the weights they had lost this week. They also share ideas of things they’ve eaten and exercise they did to lose it. It was definitely all very beneficial!
Lastly, we then went on to be weighed and sign up. It’s written down in your book what you weigh and they ask you for a goal weight. It’s all completely confidential, so you really don’t have to worry about people knowing your exact weight. The only thing that is said in front of everyone else is how much you’ve lost that week.
After the weigh in, we were good to go into our new diets!

The First Week
It took me a while to get my head around not being able to eat some foods that I thought were healthy. I studied the pack I was given and I’m genuinely quite good at doing some sort of exercise, I did 15-20 minutes at least most days. It was only recommended to do an hour a week! I didn’t find eating the food too bad as I’m not a particularly fussy eater. The only slip up I had was eating a Pizza Hut pizza! However, I was reasonably good the rest of the time and ate reasonably well.
To ensure you don’t lie with what you’re eating, your pack contains sheets for a food diary and a fitness log. Again, even if you think you could cheat and fill it out wrong, you’re only cheating yourself as you won’t lose anything and the Slimming World Group Staff will know you haven’t eaten correctly.

lebellelavie - My First Week at Slimming World

The First Weigh In Session
I was so anxious about this as I was over my Syns count as you are meant to eat in between 5-15 per day. A slice of Pizza Hut pizza contains 9! However, to my amazement I still lost 2lbs! I was very happy with this and I’m definitely going to stick with it! I even bought a couple of recipe books as they were cheap (£4.95 but they all vary in price) and because I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve made so far.

lebellelavie - My First Week at Slimming World

As I said before, I haven’t really tried any other diets so I can’t compare. This diet has been around for a long time and I’ve seen normal people like you or me lose so much weight! The best way to describe it is “you’re eating food in moderation but making fruit and veg the primary part of it”. The best part of it is, you can still eat chocolate, etc. You just have to limit this and take it out your Syns! I’m assuming, this is why people generally are quite successful losing weight with it as they can give in to their cravings… In moderation. If you want to lose weight, you can sign up to any session between Monday and Saturday or online. If you buy this week’s Reveal, you can sign up to group sessions for half price. What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

Have you tried Slimming World? Are there any other diets you would recommend?
I would love to know – leave comments below! 🙂

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