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Being engaged gives you the perfect excuse to browse wedding dresses so that’s exactly what we did, specifically the Alfred Angelo collection.

So as you might be aware, if you regularly read my blog, I got engaged last October (Read about it here). About a month ago, two of my best friends and one of my sisters (who are going to be bridesmaids) went to look at some wedding dresses. Although we have no set plans for our wedding yet, Greg told me to go have a look as I keep awing over the Disney Alfred Angelo collection. Over the other side of Southampton, there’s a little bridal shop called Cloud Nine Bridal that sells this collection. When we were having a little chat to the shop assistants, apparently only a certain amount of bridal stores are allowed to sell this specific collection. So if you live around Hampshire, love Disney and are getting married – this is the place to go!

The dresses I looked at and tried on were mainly based on Belle’s dress from Beauty & the Beast. Despite Belle being my favourite Disney princess and Beauty & the Beast being one of my favourite Disney films, I wasn’t actually being biased towards choosing the Belle style dresses but I just felt that these were the prettiest out of the collection. I was also quite fond of Elsa’s dress and one from the Mark Lesley Collection that everyone said looked most flattering on me.

As you can see below, I’m only going to include the dresses as listed on the website as although I doubt I’ll actually purchase any of these they are potential dresses and I don’t want them to be seen publicly before the big day!

lebellelavie - Wedding Dress Browsing & Ideas
Mark Lesley – Style 2103

As I mentioned above, this is the dress everyone said looked the most flattering on me. Even when I’ve shown pictures to people that weren’t even there. It’s very pretty and if I wasn’t going to choose one of Alfred Angelo’s dresses, I would most definitely go for something like this! Although it’s long, it’s quite floaty and not too heavy so easily wearable all day.

lebellelavie - Wedding Dress Browsing & Ideas
Alfred Angelo – Style (Elsa) 251

This was the Elsa dress that I mentioned. This photo doesn’t do it justice as to how pretty it looks in real life! You can purchase it in a pale blue colour too. I didn’t try this one on but it’s another choice I’d like to consider for next time!

lebellelavie - Wedding Dress Browsing & Ideas
Alfred Angelo – Style (Belle) 217

One of the Belle dresses I tried on, as much as the bodice is beautiful, I didn’t like the actual style of the dress. It was a mesh like material with wiring in the bottom of it and just felt a bit odd wearing. I do think it’s pretty but not one for me as a wedding choice!

lebellelavie - Wedding Dress Browsing & Ideas
Alfred Angelo – Style (Belle) 206

Again, another one I thought that the bodice was absolutely beautiful but I wasn’t keen on the the skirt part’s material. It was quite similar to the previous dress. However, I did like the shoulder piece which was also detachable which I thought was quite nice so you could change the style of the dress. As much as I think it’s pretty, again I don’t think I would choose this as “my dress”.

lebellelavie - Wedding Dress Browsing & Ideas
Alfred Angelo – Style (Belle) 243

This was one of the dresses I really liked, they also had it in white which I would probably prefer and I’ve also been told by Greg that he’d rather I wore a white dress. The pale yellow is beautiful but just not the colour I want to wear as I feel it looks more “prom-like”. I really liked the flowers on this and although it’s quite poofy and big, it was fairly easy to walk around in. A potential choice for my wedding dress!

lebellelavie - Wedding Dress Browsing & Ideas
Alfred Angelo – Style (Belle) 225

Although I said I wasn’t going to include any pictures of me wearing the dresses, this one is an exception to the rule as it sadly has now been discontinued. Before I went to the bridal store, I saw the above image and had my heart set on this dress that I wanted one like this. Although, I actually really loved this dress I didn’t think it was incredibly flattering on me especially with my current figure. The only other issue I had with it was that it was incredibly heavy to lift up and I could envisage myself walking down the isle and tripping over. How embarrassing would that be!? I guess it would be a good laugh for the guests and definitely a remember-able moment of the day…

lebellelavie - Wedding Dress Browsing & Ideas
Me wearing Alfred Angelo – Style (Belle) 225

Sadly it was discontinued early December 2015 so it won’t be a potential choice of dress for my wedding day. So as I said before, it’s the only dress I’ve included a picture of myself wearing it. I was also offered this exact dress for £700 as it was in the sale but unfortunately as we have no set plans as of yet and how close it was to Christmas, I just couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t decide whether I liked it enough to buy it then.

Hopefully this time next year, I can plan to actually properly purchase one of these dresses! If you want to read more about my wedding ideas, have a look at my Pinterest board, my post about visiting wedding venues and how we got engaged. Greg and I are looking at having a wedding primarily Beauty & the Beast themed along with a few other Disney themes and various geek stuff! So keep your eyes peeled for more posts about it in future!

If you want to have a browse of the other Disney dresses in the Alfred Angelo, you can look at Cloud Nine Bridal’s website here.

Do you have any plans or ideas as to what you would like for your wedding? 

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