Charlotte Tilbury Night Cream Sample

Charlotte Tilbury’s make up and beauty range always seems to get such good reviews and you would hope so considering it’s a high end brand.


I saw these samples for her night cream being given away online so jumped at the chance of claiming one for myself. It took a couple of weeks to arrive and came in a little envelope enclosed with a little card. It was just saying thank you for claiming your free sample and advertising her website and shop.

What did I think of it? 
There were two sample sachets provided. Seeing as I only use a pea sized amount of moisturiser, I found that one sachet lasted me about three or four nights. It made my skin feel rather soft and smooth and started to make my usual blotchy/oily/combination/spotty/sensitive skin clear up slightly. This is a bonus for me as a lot of moisturisers unfortunately make my skin break out and it’s like I’m 13 all over again!

However, this one didn’t. The two key things I look for in a moisturiser is how soft and replenished it makes my skin feel and how much it makes my skin break out. Safe to say that these samples receive a tick in the box for both of these issues.

Would I buy it?
I would love to buy this but considering it’s a hefty £100 for a pot of it, sadly I don’t think I will be able to afford it anytime soon. Although, if you want to have a look at buying it, you can purchase it off Charlotte Tilbury’s website here.

Have you tried any of the Charlotte Tilbury range? If so, what did you think?

Let me know by leaving comments below! 🙂



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