Dublin Flashback

Timehop’s been reminding me recently that this time five years ago, I went to Dublin on an archaeology A Level college trip. (Has it really been that long ago!?). So I thought I would write a post about the time we spent in Dublin.

Sites from around Dublin City

From what I remember (and what Facebook/Timehop tells me), we caught a really early morning flight from Bristol airport on a Tuesday morning, arriving in Dublin about 9am. Thus meaning we had time for breakfast before we could check our luggage in at the hostel. For some reason, we chose McDonalds (mainly because I think it was cheap and a fast food place we knew what we were getting).

Temple Bar, Temple Bar, Dublin

Once we had checked in, we went to have a look at Dublinia, Dublin’s Viking Museum. Not only is it a museum on the Vikings but on Dublin’s Medieval history, as well as including information, evidence and replicas of the excavations in Dublin. The tickets also included visiting the Christ Church Cathedral. The afternoon was also spent visiting Dublin’s Trinity College to see the Book of Kells but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos.

Dublinia Museum, class mates dressing up
Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral

On our second day, we traveled to Newgrange which is situated just outside of Dublin. Newgrange is essentially Ireland’s equivalent to Stonehenge. (See here for more information). A tour guide spoke to us about theories of its purpose and the archaeological evidence found. It’s really tiny entering the monument as it has a passage tomb to enter it.

Archaeology 2k11 outside Newgrange

After lunch had had a break for lunch, we went on to visit Monasterboice and the Hill of Tara, along with its fairy tree. People tie ribbons on to the trees branches as a way to ask the fairies to grant them their wishes.

Monasterboice Monastic Site
Fairy Tree, Hill of Tara
Boyne Valley

Once we were back at the hostel, we ate food and then took advantage of the night life that Dublin’s Temple Bar had to offer. It’s so lively, with plenty of great food and bars on offer for anyone whatever your mood. We went to a bar that had an Irish folk singer to keep the mood of the bar lively.

Archaeology 2k11

After we had had a few drinks in this bar, me and a couple of my friends decided to venture the other side of the river. Although not too far considering we had been told not to go that side by our teachers. We only went to another bar for a couple more drinks and then ventured back to the hostel. Once we got back, the rest of our class mates were already back in the communal kitchen having tea made for them by our teachers.

Once we had all woken up the next morning (a few with sore heads), we spent our last few hours visiting the National Museum of Ireland’s Archaeology Building. After we had spent a couple of hours there, we were then free to do as we pleased until we needed to catch our flight home. Myself and two of my friends decided to have a look at the souvenir shops for a bit and then chill with a cup of coffee until we needed to catch our coach back to the airport.

I rather enjoyed Dublin, so much that I decided to go back with Greg in 2014 for our one year anniversary. That’s a story for another time of the places we visited! Although I literally love Ireland, I’d love to go back and see more of the country at some point! 🙂

Although I would recommend taking lots of money if you decide to go to Dublin, it is Ireland’s capital after all! You can find cheaper bars if you go out of Temple Bar as this is the tourist area.

Have you been to Dublin or would you like to go? Where would you recommend? 

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