A letter to my younger self

I’ve seen a few of these going round and thought, “There’s a few things I’d like to tell my younger self if I could!”. So I’ve decided to list them below.

16 year old me

Hair Dying
As a teenager and while at uni, like most people of the same age, I experimented with dying my hair. I tried dying it blue, red, orange, black, blonde and highlighting and dip dying. Don’t get me wrong, some of these colours I enjoyed and thought I suited quite well. However, some were quite simply awful! If you want bright hair, Manic Panic is great and all but it leave serious stains in your hair. I also bleached my hair and quite literally killed it. My hair started snapping and falling out! After having grown my hair reasonably long, it had to be cut short and still looked so badly damaged for a good couple of years. Luckily now, it looks reasonably healthy and is reasonably long again.
Lesson learnt: BE CAREFUL DYING IT!! My suggestion would be to go to the hairdressers, I know it costs money but at least it will be done properly!

Badly dyed hair

Cutting my own hair
Something I used to do at uni was cut my own fringe as I couldn’t afford to go to the hairdressers and when I could, they didn’t cut my hair right. Looking back on photos of myself at uni, my bangs were so uneven and looked absolutely awful!
Lesson learnt: These days I wait to go to a decent hairdresser even if I have to put up for a few months without my bangs (I hate not having a fringe as my forehead is a fivehead!).

Damaged hair and badly cut bangs

Not that I’ve ever been one of those girls that lusts after boys constantly but I’ve had my fair share of douchebag boyfriends.
Lesson learnt: No matter how much it hurts, if he treated you like crap or it didn’t work out he isn’t worth your time. As cheesey as it sounds and probably the worst thing for you to hear at the time “there are plenty of fish in the sea!”. Getting over my douche of an ex boyfriend meant that I met Greg at uni. My friends and family much prefer him and I get on with his friends and family and we got engaged. It’s a win win all round!

Choosing A Levels
I completely chose the wrong A Levels when I first went to college as I thought at the time I would join the Navy as a meteorologist despite always being better at Humanities and Arts subjects. I’ve always enjoyed history, archaeology and photography and English, I used to want to be a journalist, photographer and an archaeologist when I was younger – all things I’m actually quite good at.
Lesson learnt: Especially considering how A Levels have now changed, seriously consider what you choose and choose subjects you enjoy. There’s no point of doing things you hate. I finally got there in the end!

Due to having incredibly thick hair and bushy eyebrows, I thought plucking my eyebrows to almost no existence was a good idea. There are so many awful photos of me as a teenager with awful brows! I’m so glad I’ve managed to sort them out now!
Lesson learnt: Go to a brow bar and get them done (Benefit are pretty good!) or ask someone who knows what they’re doing to sort them out for you.

Them brows though

What advice would you give your younger self? 

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