National Fragrance Day: My Favourite Perfumes

Perfumes are one of my favourite beauty products and as it’s National Fragrance Day it gives me the perfect excuse to share some of my faves with you.

lebellelavie - National Fragrance Day: My Favourite Perfumes

As #NationalFragranceDay is trending on Twitter, I thought I would write a post about my favourite perfumes from higher end ones to budget end ones.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
All of the Viktor & Rolf perfumes smell really nice but my favourite and the only one I own is the Flowerbomb. It is a really floral, vanilla, sweet kind of smell but isn’t too overpowering. However, it is reasonably pricey for a bottle of it. I only have 30ml bottle and it cost me £50! A perfume I tend to use only for special occasions. You can buy this from Boots.

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose
Probably my most favourite perfume ever! I bought this in Lanzarote last year for around 30 Euros and it’s a 70 ml bottle (NOTE: Buy perfumes abroad as they’re usually so much cheaper! However, compare with UK prices and check with your airline you can carry them back before buying). It’s also quite a sweet, floral smell so if that’s the kind of perfume you love, you’ll love this. Again, it’s another perfume I only use for special occasions but so many people compliment me on how nice I smell when I wear this. This is also actually cheaper than Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, you can purchase a bottle in Boots and Debenhams starting from £40.

Ted Baker Mint Body Spray
This is probably more of what I would describe as a fresh, summery with a hint of mint kind of smell. What I mean by that is when on a nice summer’s day, the air feels fresh and there tends to be lots of summery kind of smells like fresh cut grass and things like glasses of Pimm’s with mint leaves in. Not that this actually smells like any of those things but all I can really describe it as is “fresh” and “summery”. It’s also a lot cheaper than the perfumes I’ve mentioned above as it only costs £7 for 150ml bottle or £3 for a mini spray which would be a perfect size for a handbag. This is something that I tend to wear quite frequently as a daytime fragrance.

Bodyshop Indian Night Jasmine Body Mist
The bottle I have is the Bodyshop’s old style packaging so I picked up this bottle in the Christmas Sales for about £3.50 when it’s usually £8! I must say, I am quite impressed with how long it’s lasted for as I’ve been wearing it pretty much everyday since I bought it and there’s still plenty left in the bottle.

Superdrug Body Spray
If you want a cheap alternative to Flowerbomb or Midnight Rose then look no further! You can usually pick this bodyspray up for approximately £1 in Superdrug. I usually tend to wear the one called “Flirty” which I would describe as having a similar scent to my upper range perfumes but there are plenty to choose from in the range and Superdrug quite often do BOGOF offers on them. Ironically, I’ve received almost as many compliments on how nice this smells when worn as my Midnight Rose perfume. So if you’re a student or on a budget, this is something I’d definitely recommend buying. (Unfortunately I currently don’t have any to include a photo of in this post so please see the link on the Superdrug website).

What are your favourite perfumes or what would you recommend trying? I’d love to know!

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