Dior Poison Girl Sample

Can you believe it’s April already!? Only feels like Christmas was five minutes ago! Anyway, I hope y’all haven’t had too many pranks played on you!


As you may have gathered from the blog post title, today’s post is going to be a review of Dior’s most recent perfume release Poison Girl.


I was lucky enough to receive a sample* of this as Boots were giving a number away for all Advantage Card members. Now being the perfume queen that I am, I jumped at the chance of trying this!


Sample Size

As you can see from the sample size, it’s probably only bigger enough to get a couple of uses from it (maybe more depending upon how generous you are with it). But that’s a perfectly reasonable size as it gives you the opportunity to try it rather than just a spray in a shop to get a hint of the smell.


What does it smell like? 

The advertisement card that came with the sample describes it as a “bitter-sweet floral” smell. I would say that’s quite self explanatory as that’s exactly how I would describe it. But to give you a better idea, it’s a similar kind of smell to Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb or Lancome’s Midnight Rose. It’s not too heavy to wear either which is always a plus! I know some people that describe YSL’s Opium as being a beautiful, smelling perfume but just a bit too heavy to wear all the time. This, on the other hand, is not. Greg only noticed I had perfume on when he came in for a kiss. I would also say it lasts for quite a long time as I sprayed it on myself last night and I could still vaguely smell it this morning. For someone who has a phobia of smelling this is definitely a tick in the box for me!


Would I purchase a bottle?

YES. Very much yes! If you read my blog (See my post here on my favourite perfumes), you will know that sweet-floral smelling perfumes are my favourite and as I’ve compared it to being similar to two of my favourite perfumes, it quite obviously is going to be a perfume I will love. The one thing I will say with it is that I don’t think I would use it as a perfume for everyday wear as a 30ml bottle costs £45 in Boots. However, my birthday is coming up in just over a month so it will be something I will be adding to my Birthday Wish List! It also comes in a really pretty bottle.


Have you smelt the new Dior Poison Girl perfume? Did you like it? What are your favourite perfumes?


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