A high Street haul from Boots & Debenhams

As payday was only a couple of weeks ago, I just happened to be e-window shopping and just accidentally bought a few items from Boots and Debenhams and as a result it ended up as a little high street haul…

lebellelavie - A high Street haul from Boots & Debenhams

The other week, I decided to buy some little treats for myself from Boots and Debenhams seeing as they were on offer and as a result it kind of ended up in being a high street haul…

OPI Nail Varnishes

As I had heard a lot of good things about this nail varnish brand and considering that these were in the sale on the Debenhams website, I had to take the opportunity to buy these. The silver one is called Silk Tie and I’m not sure what the red one is called but I believe that they are both part of a Fifty Shades of Grey limited edition collection. I wanted a really nice red nail varnish for Christmas which I know is a little premature buying now but it is bloody hard to find one around December time. I picked up the sliver one as I thought it’s quite neutral and I could basically wear it with anything. Although at Christmas time, I could put it with the red one and have really festive themed nails.

lebellelavie - A high Street haul from Boots & Debenhams

 Yes to Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve tried the Yes To Cucumbers wipes as a sample in my Birchbox before and I absolutely loved them! I really wanted to try some more of the Yes To range and seeing as I have fairly dry hair and it was offer, I thought I would pick up the Yes to Coconut range. I haven’t used it yet as I still have a bottle of shampoo to go through but I’m quite impressed with the size of the bottle. I’m hoping this will mean it will last for ages! You can pick these up in Boots for around £6 or £7.

lebellelavie - A high Street haul from Boots & Debenhams

Vita Coco 100% Extra Raw Virgin Oil

I had to buy this after trying a sample of it and I’ve already used a decent amount of it. It’s fantastic to use in food or for general health and skincare. I tend to usually use it in my hair as a hair mask or as a cleanser on my skin. I bought this in Boots for around £10 but you can but it in most supermarkets or health food stores. Although it sounds expensive, you certainly get a lot for your money but if it’s a bit out of your price range then there are plenty of cheaper versions that are just as good. The best tip is to look down the foreign foods aisle in your local supermarkets as it’s generally much cheaper than the tubs located within the oil aisle.

lebellelavie - A high Street haul from Boots & Debenhams

Bleach London Dip Dye Hair Kit

The kit comes with a tint brush and a bowl and an aftercare hair mask. All necessities for when putting bleach near your hair! I need to get round to using this but I’m quite scared to use this on my hair currently as it tends to be quite dry. I’m planning on getting my haircut next month and don’t want the hairdresser to cut off all my hair in case it goes wrong. It probably won’t but the last time I used bleach at uni it ruined my hair and I had to have inches of it cut off! I’m also scared of making it splodgy and messy which is ironic of me to say considering I’ve dyed my hair a ridiculous amount of colours. You can buy this product in Boots for around £7/8.

lebellelavie - A high Street haul from Boots & Debenhams

All these hair products are currently on offer on Boots so if you’re interested in purchasing them, go, go, go!

The nail varnishes I bought are currently not being sold on Debenhams website anymore so you can either buy them at full price or look at the sale options on OPI’s own website or on a hair website called Regis that have lots of deals on OPI nail varnishes that you can also click and collect to your local store!

What high street purchases have you recently made?

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