Personal Experience with “Body Shaming”

Body shaming and my experience of it…

lebellelavie - Personal Experience with "Body Shaming"
June 2012 (Size 8) vs. May 2015 (Size 12)

At some point in our lives, I think we’ve all probably experienced some form of body shaming whether that’s due to being overweight or underweight. Your size is one of those funny things that people like to comment on and quite often than not, it’s completely uncalled for. And here’s my experience of it.

Before I started uni, I was a slim size 8  and pretty happy with my figure. After uni, I didn’t actually realise I’d gained as much weight as I had until I saw photos of me and thought, “Do I really look that big!?”. I realised that I had gained some weight but I didn’t realise the junk food and alcohol had taken that much of a toll on my body.

Once I started working full time, I decided to join the gym. I was going about three times a week but I just didn’t feel that I saw any difference. It was probably more due to that I still wasn’t really eating particularly well as I just didn’t really know how to. I’d just eat what I could and that was quick and easy. When you’ve been to the gym in the evening, you don’t really get much time to cook properly.

By November last year I was barely using my gym membership so I decided to quit the gym. I had been toying with the idea of joining Slimming World for a while but wasn’t really sure about it but after seeing an old friend lose 5 stone in the last year, I decided it was time for me to join Slimming World.

lebellelavie - Personal Experience with "Body Shaming"
May 2016 vs October 2015

Since joining Slimming World in January, I’ve lost over 17lbs. Although I still have a way to go, I’m starting to feel a lot more confident again with my body weight and size. Despite me feeling more positive not everyone has given me such positive comments.

If I explain to people I’m on a diet, I quite often get the response of, “Why are you dieting? You don’t need to lose weight! People would kill to have your figure!” I was verging on a size 12 and I get that that isn’t big at all nor is there anything wrong with it being your ideal body goals. If it is then good for you! But as I previously mentioned, going from a size 8 for years to then a size 12 in the last three years was quite a shock for me. I was starting to feel really down about my size and these comments from people weren’t helping. These people were not going to buy me a whole new wardrobe because the majority of my clothes didn’t fit any more, were they?

I wouldn’t dream of turning round to a larger person and say, “Run, fatty! Run!” So why do people think it’s acceptable to say these comments to slimmer people? I’m not trying to “fat shame” but I’m just trying to stress the point that it’s not okay to “fat shame” or “skinny shame”. If you want to tell someone to be more confident in their body then there’s much more positive ways of doing it.

If people now make comments to me then I’ve decided to just take it on the chin. I’m not losing weight for anyone else but myself. I’m not losing weight to become anorexic as Slimming World won’t let you do that. I want to get back to my size 8 figure that I was really happy with and maintain it until at least when Greg and I get married.

Have you experienced body shaming? How have you dealt with it?

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