Our one year anniversary in Dublin

In 2014, Greg and I celebrated our one year anniversary so we decided to go Dublin to celebrate it and having a look at what it had to offer. We also wanted to look at their Viking history.

As Timehop keeps reminding me that this time two years ago, I revisited Dublin and as I mentioned in a previous post, I thought I would write about my second trip there.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin

Greg and I decided to visit Dublin for a couple of days for a combined number of reasons. I was researching my dissertation on Viking warfare in the media, Greg is a Viking reenactor and loves anything to do with Vikings, it was our one year anniversary and we both wanted to go to Dublin. It was the perfect time!

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin

We flew very early Monday morning and came back late Thursday night. However, I didn’t realise when booking the holiday that the Monday was in actual fact an Irish national bank holiday so unfortunately a lot of places were closed. It was fine though as we found plenty of cafes and bars open to spend sometime in.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
I love the Irish sense of humour!

Greg was in his element as everywhere sold black pudding with their Irish breakfasts. Once it got to 11AM, we were able to check in to our hotel so we dumped our bags and headed out.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
Dublinia Living History Museum

As they were closest to us, we decided to head to the Dublinia Viking Museum. A lot of the information that was on display, we already knew anyway from studying archaeology degrees but it was still interesting nevertheless. We also had a quick peak in the shopping malls. I didn’t realise Primark is known as Penny’s until I recognised all the infamous brown Primark bags stating the same logo branding but with Penny’s instead. (I looked it up, you can see here*). We also visited Merion Square to see the Oscar Wilde monument. In the evening, we visited some pubs/bars in Temple Bar and had some lovely food. We didn’t stay out too late though due to our early morning flight.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
Oscar Wilde’s Monument

The next day, we decided that we would go to the Guinness Factory and the Jameson Distillery (considering that that they aren’t that far apart from each other it just made sense!). We had a tour of both factories which basically go through the history of the drinks. It was actually really interesting. You even get to learn how to pour your own pint of Guinness a long with a certificate! At the Jameson Factory, you are offered a complimentary glass of whisky either neat, on the rocks or with a mixer. I chose a mixer while Greg had neat! In the cafe, you can purchase an Irish coffee which we had several of (they’re very delicious!) while waiting for our tours set time.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublinlebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin

On the left, these were taken at the Guinness Factory outside and inside where you could take photos of yourself in one of their old iconic adverts. On the right was taken at the Jameson’s Factory. Top: Some of the whisky’s that they had on display. Middle: People doing whisky tasting. Bottom: My free complimentary drink of whisky, lime and ginger.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
Another photo opportunity!

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
Pouring our pints of Guinness.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
After we poured our pints, were awarded our certificates.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
Left: Me enjoying an Irish Whisky at the Jameson’s Distillery. Right: Greg enjoying pints of Guinness at the Guinness Factory.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
Captain America’s Bar

In between our tours, we had lunch at a restaurant called Captain America’s. Now seeing as we are both big Marvel fans, it seemed rude not to! Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact food we had but if my memory serves me correctly it was basically an American Diner and it was covered with Captain America/Marvel characters on the walls. In the evening we set out to Temple Bar again and went to some bars that had live folk music in. I literally loved it as it’s so happy and lively in the bars! We decided to explore some bars away from Temple Bar and found this Rock and Blues bar. Greg kept telling me it “wasn’t my kinda bar” considering I usually get referred to as a “Hipster” yet he failed to realise it was covered in posters of David Bowie, Morrissey, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix which are all a number of my favourite artists. I think he thought that as they were playing Black Sabbath it wasn’t “my kinda thing” yet the funny thing is that’s another band I like (haha)!

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
One of the yummy puddings we had out where I had Eton Mess. Look how huge it is!

On day three, we decided to visit the National Museum of Ireland, National Library of Ireland and Trinity College to view the Book of Kells. In 2014, it was the centenary anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf* which was a massive battle of the Irish defeating the Vikings. This was great for my dissertation and I was fortunate enough that I chose this year to go and see Viking Warfare in Ireland at this particular time. If you have a genuine interest in archaeology and history, I’d definitely recommend going to these museums. I’ve included links to all of these if they interest you.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
Graphic novel artwork based on Brian Boru.

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin
Trinity College Library

Our last day consisted of a mooch around the tourist shops before we headed to the airport to head back to the UK. Until next time, Dublin! I’d love to visit you again!

lebellelavie - Our one year anniversary in Dublin

If you go to Dublin, I’d recommend taking a LOT of cash with you as it is quite expensive. Greg and I took 150 euros each and that still wasn’t enough. But seeing as it’s Ireland’s capital you have to expect it it to be expensive really, it’s like going to London and expecting it to be cheap!

Have you visited Dublin or would you like to go? Where did you go or would you recommend? 

* These are links to Wikipedia for general understanding rather than actual research.

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