Eleven essentials for festival season

The height of summer means that it is festival season and here are a few essentials you should take with you…

lebellelavie - Eleven essentials for festival season

So, we’re at that time of year where it’s officially summer and festival season is well under way! With Glastonbury only days away, I thought would write about a few necessary essentials you need to make sure you pack (from my own personal experience).

lebellelavie - Eleven essentials for festival season

  • Antibacterial hand gel: This is something I always carry round in my little bag at festivals. The first few days are fine as there is antibacterial hand gel provided. However, by the time you get to Saturday, the bottles are usually all empty and considering how stinky the lovely toilets will be by then you will want to make your hands feel somewhat clean. Plus you can get strawberry laces smelling ones which smell lovely when perhaps you don’t smell so fresh! You don’t need to spend too much money on these either as you can pick them up from supermarkets/Superdrug/Boots own branded ones for about £1.
  • Multi-pack tissues: You’ll need multi-pack tissues for the same reason as the antibacterial hand gel really as toilet roll will become sparse very quickly! You can always take a loo roll with you but I always take multi-pack tissues as you can carry a pack of these in your pocket or handbag as they don’t take up a lot of room unlike a bog roll will! Again, have a shop around for offers as you can usually buy these for £1 or £2.
  • Small bag/purse: If you’re going to Glastonbury then you’ll probably end up walking round for hours, miles away from your tent. So you’ll want to keep your phone/money/camera or any other valuables close as well as any other necessities you might need during the day! Primark are great for this sort of thing; I’ve had a couple of handbags from there that have lasted me well for the festivals and are still in perfectly good condition!
  • Doc Martens: If you own a pair and you don’t mind them getting dirty, I would recommend taking them! Wellies are great when the weather is really wet but you will end up with so many blisters wearing them all week whilst Doc Martens are so comfy, your feet will thank you. I don’t actually own wellies and the last three years I’ve been to Glastonbury, I’ve just taken these with me. Granted they got very muddy but my friends that wore their wellies all week ended up with blisters while my feet were fine. If you don’t own any then don’t buy a pair a couple of days before the festival, you’ll end up with massive blisters due to them not being worn in. You wouldn’t want the week ruined now due to gaining sore, blistered feet! (I haven’t included mine in the photo as they are too mucky to place anywhere clean! Haha).
  • Beauty wipes: Or baby wipes will do! Unless you’re happy to wait in a massive que for a cold shower then this will be your only option of “washing yourself”. They are also great for taking off any UV face paint worn. They don’t need to be expensive and you can usually pick up baby wipes reasonably cheap. I usually take both, baby wipes for my body and face wipes for my face.
  • Dry shampoo: As with my previous point about washing unless you want cold, wet hair washed under a tap, this will be your only option to freshen up your hair. I usually find the Batiste brand works the best and you can even buy it in colours to match your hair. I usually get the brunette one so it doesn’t turn my hair white.
  • Lip balm: Whether it is in the form of lipstick or lip balm make sure you take something for your lips because if it’s sunny and you’re out in the sun all day, I’m sure you can gather what’s going to happen!
  • Sun cream: This may sound like an obvious one but the amount of people I know that just don’t bother wearing it (Greg included). You can buy a small travel bottle to keep in a bag with you and they are not usually that expensive. It’s better to be safe than sorry as you really don’t want to end up getting heatstroke or badly sunburnt now!
  • Small water bottle: Another obvious one but even if you just buy a cheap bottle of water, you can keep it with you during the day and top it up at taps in every field. You don’t want to end up dehydrated!
  • UV face paints: These aren’t really a necessity and you can buy them at the festival but it won’t feel like you’re in the festival spirit without them, especially if you venture out at night to see what night life festivals have to offer!
  • Compact mirror: Again, may be obvious but unless you’re a pro at applying make up or UV face paints, you’ll probably end up with a splodgey mess on your face! I highly doubt you will want to walk around like that all weekend and if you’re taking pictures, no one really wants to have that in the photos now, do they?

lebellelavie - Eleven essentials for festival season

Have fun and make sure you stay safe!

What essentials do you take to festivals?

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