Lush Products I’m currently using

Here are three Lush products I’m currently using and here’s what I think of them…

lebellelavie - Lush Products I'm currently using

I don’t really buy things from Lush very often as I’m always very cautious that I’ll forget about them and they’ll then go out of date. Due to moving house about five times in the last 3 or 4 years, this has happened with several products I’ve bought as I pack them away and forget about them. I get this is the beauty of Lush as it’s all natural and organic but it makes me sad to find it’s gone off as I’ve forgotten about it, so I only buy a couple of bits at a time when I visit Lush. These recent purchases I’ve had for a little while but I’m thoroughly enjoying them.

lebellelavie - Lush Products I'm currently using

Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask

This stuff is amazing! After use, it makes my face feel so fresh and smooth, I absolutely adore it! It’s like a kind of thick mixture with ground coffee beans in it and smells just like fresh coffee! Actually I’d say it looks and smells like an iced milky coffee to be precise but that’s only because I worked for Costa Coffee for 2 years. If you’re one of those that don’t like coffee though then this probably isn’t for you but you can purchase other face scrubs that range from lettuce, cupcake and honey to name a few. I tend to try and use this once a week but depending upon how busy my schedule is I can go a couple of weeks without using it. I can’t say I notice a huge amount of difference to my face (I don’t really use it on the rest of my body) but it feels as if it gives my face a good good clean from all the make up I wear. Although it says leave on your face for about 10 minutes, I tend to leave it on for a good half an hour and then have a shower to make sure it’s rubbed off. If not washed off properly the coffee granules can get stuck in your hair. You can buy this for £6.75.

lebellelavie - Lush Products I'm currently using

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I love this and it tastes so good! I tend to have a bad habit of licking my lips so occasionally I’ll have dry skin and they can look like they need a bit of TLC. However, I just put a bit of this on my lips and then they feel lovely and soft as it scrubs away all the dead skin. It also smells delicious and although it says bubblegum flavour, I think it smells more like candy floss. Maybe that’s just me? I don’t know. I’ve had it since January and probably use it once or twice a week and it looks like I’ve barely touched it. Even if you’re not prone to dry lips but want something to give your lips a good scrub and that tastes good, I’d recommend buying. You can also buy mint or popcorn flavour and they are all £5.50 each.

lebellelavie - Lush Products I'm currently using

Whoosh Shower Jelly

I didn’t actually buy this, my sister bought it for me at Christmas. I like this but it’s got kind of a weird texture! The only way I can describe it is that it looks and feels like slimey, wobbly jelly. I know that’s not a great description but I’m not sure what else to liken it to other than if you grew up in the 90s’ and loved playing with those weird alien things (you know the ones that supposedly got pregnant mixing them together and you had to keep in the gooey slime stuff, right?) that everyone used to be obsessed with. Although after I thought this, I read the packaging description (seen below) which states “for times when you feel like an alien on your own planet”. Maybe it’s a reference to it? I’m not sure but either way I just found it amusing! I can definitely confirm that the lemon and lime are quite prominent smells in this product, as stated on the packaging. As you can see below where I’ve used it, it leaves an indent where you try and scoop it out and when you rub it on your body it kind of separates in to tiny pieces that squirm down the plughole. I really like this product though it’s just the most bizarre thing I’ve ever used! You can buy this for £3.75.

lebellelavie - Lush Products I'm currently using

lebellelavie - Lush Products I'm currently using

lebellelavie - Lush Products I'm currently using

What products are you currently loving from Lush? Do you have any recommendations?

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