Feelin’ like Zooey Deschanel

Dress – Dorothy Perkins | Bag – New Look | Purse – New Look | Blue heels – Dorothy Perkins | Pink heels – Primark | Cardigan – Primark

After my birthday a couple of weeks back, I decided to pop in to Dorothy Perkins to have a look at their 30% off sale. I wasn’t actually planning on getting anything but I saw this dress and instantly thought it would be good for a wedding or some other sort of special occasion. I hummed and hard for a while as to whether I should buy it and if I would actually wear it but remembered I had a wedding coming up in August and that it would make a perfect outfit for it!

I’ve paired two types of accessories with as you can see in the above photos and I can’t decide as to whether I want to pair it with pinky nudes or go with blues. I love the pink shoes but they are about 6 inches high and incredibly hard to walk in especially if I had to walk in them all day! The blue shoes, on the other hand, are only about 2 inches high. I wore these all day on my graduation with no issues with walking long distances/hours on end in them.

Either way, I feel like I’m doing an impersonation of Zooey Deschanel wearing this, especially with my bangs! She is actually one of my style inspirations as most of the time, I tend to pair a dress with a cardigan and some cute shoes. I love her style!

What do you think I should wear? Pink or blue? Or do you have any other suggestions?


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