Testing out Zoella Beauty products

Zoella has recently released some new skincare products so I decided to buy a few bits and here’s what I thought of them…

lebellelavie - Testing out Zoella beauty products

Out of the bigger Youtubers/bloggers I follow, Zoella is one of my favourites and being a beauty addict, I can’t really turn down the opportunity to try some of her beauty range. As you can probably tell from the above photos, I have had the Blissful Mistful spritz for a while and after recently watching her video on the new Sweet Sensations range release, the Body Fondant Shimmy Balm was the one that really caught my eye.

lebellelavie - Testing out Zoella beauty products

Bliss Spritz

I have had this spritz for a few months now (as you can probably tell from the faded packaging!) and have been using it as a “touch up/handbag” perfume. It’s got a floral musky kind of smell to it and is quite pleasant. I wouldn’t describe it as being one of my favourite scents but it still smells lovely and is great to use as a “freshening up” spritz. If you carry a reasonably large handbag then it fits in quite nicely as it’s not an awkward shape and I have never suffered any issues of it leaking. The lid does not come off to easily either which is an advantage as I’ve had perfumes that have done this before then leaked all over my bag! Not that it didn’t smell nice but a whole bottle of perfume can be a little overbearing! When I spray this on, I tend to spritz it on my wrists, neck and chest; so probably about five or six sprays and it’s lasted me ages!

lebellelavie - Testing out Zoella beauty products

Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance

I bought this a couple of weeks ago as I thought it would be great to carry in your hand bag for touch ups throughout the day. I have recently
been carrying a much smaller handbag so although the bottle is great, it’s too big for a smaller handbag. This is exactly the same as the spritz but in a solid perfume form. It fits perfectly in a small handbag and although I’ve never experienced the spritz leaking, with this there’s definitely no chance of it leaking! It smells exactly the same as the spritz and I just rub it on to my wrists, neck and chest for a freshen up. Neither of these are sticky or carry an overpowering scent. I’m not entirely sure they last all day (as some perfumes are hard to smell on yourself) but for £5 for this and £8 for the spritz, you can’t really go wrong.

lebellelavie - Testing out Zoella beauty products

Body Fondant Shimmer Balm

I watched Zoella’s video explaining about her new range and thought, “Ooooh, that’s looks different!” I was so intrigued that I had to buy it! I know Zoella said in her video to not be frightened at the colour of it but being more pale and pasty toned than your average person, I was a little anxious. To my surprise after first using it, it didn’t change my skin tone at all. Zoella certainly wasn’t lying when she said your skin would glow wearing it! It adds a lovely shimmer to your skin that helps to add to your summer tone look. It also feels quite soothing on the skin so if you want something a little lighter than a body butter then this is perfect! It also has a sweet macaroon scent which lasts for hours! So if you’re a pale gal like me and want a bit of a shimmer, glowy look to add to your skin for summer and don’t want to end up orangey/brown then look no further than this!.You can pick this up for £10 in Superdrug and online on Feelunique. Zoe’s new Sweet Sensations range has to be some of the prettiest packaging I have ever seen.

lebellelavie - Testing out Zoella beauty products

lebellelavie - Testing out Zoella beauty products

I on thely own a couple of products from the Zoella range as although I would love to buy more, I own too many other products before I can warrant buying anymore. You might be thinking, “what!?” But sadly I don’t have the space on my beauty shelf.

You can shop Zoella’s range at Superdrug and Feelunique.

What Zoella products have you purchased? Are there any you are currently lusting after? What have you thought of the ones you have purchased?

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