Three year anniversary and why it’s okay not to celebrate

We recently celebrated our three year anniversary and this is why it’s okay that we don’t celebrate it…

I only realised earlier this week when I was writing up and editing a recent post on a trip to Dublin that it was mine and Greg’s three year anniversary on 10th June. Seeing as we spend so much time and basically do everything together it hadn’t really occurred to me until then. Greg forgot as well until I reminded him. So what did I do? Run out and quickly buy a gift? No, apart from our first anniversary, we stopped celebrating them and that’s completely okay.

lebellelavie - Three year anniversary and why it's okay not to celebrate

If you’re one of those people that’s incredibly soppy and loves making a big thing of anniversaries then that’s great! We’re all different and it’s fantastic that you embrace that. However, Greg and I aren’t really like that and neither are our families. We obviously love each other but we’re not the romantic sorts. My parents got married in Las Vegas “Ross and Rachel style” when I was 11 and Greg’s parents got married when he was 10 in the Lake District and then went for a walk afterwards in the mountains. I’m sure you can gather from that that both our parents aren’t all about the huge celebrations and nor are we.

Don’t get me wrong, when wedding planning we want to do something special that combines all of our interests including Disney, Vikings, geekiness, boho and vintage themes, laughter and celebrations to mention just a few but that’s our wedding and our choice.

lebellelavie - Three year anniversary and why it's okay not to celebrate

The way we feel about it is that if we celebrated everything then we would have our birthdays, Valentine’s Day, official couple anniversary, engagement and eventually marriage as well as Christmas. That’s six things to celebrate and buy each other gifts for. We can’t afford that so instead we just buy each other gifts throughout the year if we want something or help the other out if one of us can’t afford it. We don’t need one day (or seven) to tell each other we love each other by showering each other with gifts.

This is how we do things:

• Christmas/birthdays: Buy each other gifts

• Valentines Day: Make a nice meal together or meal out

• Anniversaries: Make a meal together or just treat it like any other day

There is the other option of just buying each other a card but neither of us are a big fan of giving cards as they are so expensive for not a lot! I’d rather buy someone a gift so it goes back to my previous point. Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving cards but I’m weird and get all sentimental over it and keep every single one for years and years! (I even still have some from my fifth birthday). However, most people usually keep them for a couple of weeks then throw them away and that makes me sad.

lebellelavie - Three year anniversary and why it's okay not to celebrate

We’re happy celebrating this way and that’s just what works for us. We want to plan another holiday together away soon and a wedding in a couple of years. That’s something to look forward to and to save up for!

How do you celebrate your anniversaries? What works for you?

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