So…? body fragrance

I was kindly given a selection of So…?* products at the Bloggers Ball. Smelling these makes me reminisce about my teenage years as So…? and Impulse were my go to body fragrances. Even at uni, I used to wear these everyday until a couple of years ago when I developed a love of high range perfumes. Not that I don’t like these now but I have a box of perfumes that I’m trying to get through! Haha.

In Love was probably my favourite fragrance and I’m very happy I was given a bottle of it. As I said, I used to wear this one quite often at university and would get so many compliments on how nice I smelt.


Out of the new Couture range, I was given a bottle of the Rio fragrance. It has quite a fresh, summery, citrus scent to it. However, as I had the opportunity to smell them all at Bloggers Ball, I would have to say that Paris is my favourite. The Paris fragrance has more of a floral, fruity smell to it which you may already know from previous posts is a scent I look for in a perfume or spritz.



I was also given a couple of these smaller bottles which are great travel sizes or to pop in a handbag when you feel you need to freshen up! I believe they are miniature versions of  the eau de toilette but I’m not entirely sure on that. The black bottle is the original So…? and has more of a musty scent to it while the pink bottle is So…? Eternal and has more of a floral smell to it. Out of the two, I have to say that I prefer the So…? Eternal. I’m sorry but it’s all about them floral scents with me!



Lastly my goodie bag also included a bottle of So…? Kiss Me eau de toilette from the Classic range. I haven’t actually tried the eau de toilette range before but if you are on a tight budget or a student this is a great alternative to buying expensive perfumes.

You can buy So…? from Superdrug or Boots.

What’s your favourite So…? fragrance?

*Although these were given to me, all opinions are my own as I like to give honest opinions and reviews.

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