The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

I attended my first bloggers event which was the Bloggers Ball, hosted by Scarlett London and here’s a snippet of the day…

First off, I just want to apologise for the lack of posts so far this week! This is due to having changed my blog URL and also Greg was busy with uni assignments so alas I could not access my editing software! 🙁 However, I’m back now and today’s post is about all about the Bloggers Ball! 🙂

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me Tweeting about attending the Bloggers Ball event hosted and created by Scarlett Dixon from Scarlet London Events (If you don’t know who she is, check out her blog here). I am very fortunate and grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend this event.

On the day, I was quite anxious about going as despite knowing other bloggers going. This was my very first blogging event so I had no idea what to expect! I had made no formal arrangements to meet up with anyone which I’m not really sure why I didn’t, but anyway. After tweeting on Twitter about being nervous attending by myself, the lovely Jessica tweeted to me and said I was welcome to meet with her and a couple of other girls beforehand which was lovely! I met them at the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square which was only round the corner from where the event was being held.

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

Despite having gone to London so many times as a child, I’ve never actually been to Leicester Square and found it quite surreal with all the huge screens around a bit like Times Square. I wish I had taken a photo but I was in a rush thinking I was going to be late, so never mind. The snaps you can see above and below was me just taking a photo opportunity on the walk back to Waterloo Station.

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

Once I met up with the girls, we headed off to the event. It was held in DSTRKT nightclub in Rupert Square which felt very sophisticated (much more than any other nightclub I’ve been to!). As we entered there were drinks on offer, welcoming us to the event. There was so much to see and take a look at – it was also very packed. We decided to sit down for a drink briefly and then started to have a look around.

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London
Just look how pretty those lights are!?

There was plenty on offer ranging from makeup, skincare, tanning, diaries, various types of food and drink, delivery companies, holiday companies, hair removal, perfume brands and many more! I ended up having a chat and visiting most of them which were all kind enough to give me samples and recommend products to try – all of which I am very grateful for! Brands were also running competitions to win a selection or an item of their products.

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

In case you are wondering who’s in the below photos with me, that’s Cydney and you can check her blog out here.

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

There were waiters serving plenty of drinks and food which you could help yourself to. The venue itself was so pretty, just take a look at the photos of the ceiling!

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London

lebellelavie - The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London


As this was my very first event I’ve attended, there are a few things I have learnt which I will certainly be doing for future events!

  • Business Cards – Something I had been thinking about for a while but then thought, “Well when would I use them?” Good question – at events of course! To me, it came across as that brands take you a lot more seriously as you appear as a much more serious blogger. Plus a business card is easier to remember someone by rather than a name on a piece of paper along with hundreds of other names. For all the brand could know, you write a post once in a blue moon hoping to get free things!
  • Handle names/social media accounts – You may have noticed my blog has been down for a couple of days and this is due to switching domain names and creating all my connected social media accounts to have a similar name. This makes it so much easier for someone to find me rather than having about 5 or 6 varying different names. The alternative option is for me to make new specific accounts to my blog but that would just result in my not using my current social media accounts. It also goes back to my point about business cards and that it makes it look neater if they all have a similar name.
  • Chat to brands you are genuinely interested in – This is just my opinion but I feel if you chat to brands that have something to offer you are genuinely interested in and that fits in well with your blog, the brand will be able to see that and will more likely remember you. For instance, I’d never start talking about video games to a brand expecting something for free as although I occasionally play games, I don’t play them enough to warrant a post on them and I don’t think it would really fit in on my blog.
  • Make the effort to chat to others and Tweet about it on Twitter – I know a lot of people (including myself) are really shy and awkward when meeting new people but just think of it as everyone else are in the same boat. Prior to attending an event, utilise social media to your advantage. For example, The Bloggers Ball had a hashtag trending on Twitter which was a great way to meet people prior to the event.


If you want to know more about the products mentioned then watch this space as I will be posting some reviews on them very soon!

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