First impressions of Bravura London

I had never heard of Bravura London before attending the Bloggers Ball, so after testing it out, here are my first impressions of the brand…

This is another of the many products that I was kindly given at the Bloggers Ball* and I thought it was about time I gave you all my thoughts on it. I had never actually heard of this brand before but was impressed with first impressions. Can we all just appreciate how pretty the packaging is? I don’t think I ever say that about skincare products unless it’s a brand like Soap & Glory or Sanctuary.

lebellelavie - First impressions of Bravura London

The serum is actually for ageing skin, although I would consider my skin currently more greasy/combination skin, the Bravura brand ambassadors had run out of products catered for my skin so this was all they could offer which is fair enough. Nevertheless, I can’t complain as at the age of 24, I should probably start investing in anti-ageing products. Not because I think that’s old but because I like to think if I combat ageing early, I will end up looking more youthful when I’m older. I always remember the advice my Gran gave me about moisturising which was to start using it from a young age. She’s in her seventies and to this day people often ask if she’s my mum or my aunt.

lebellelavie - First impressions of Bravura London

What did I actually think of the serum?

I actually really liked it and it smells amazing! It has a citrus scent to it so is a very refreshing smell in the mornings when I’m feeling groggy! I find that it is very soothing on the skin but not at all greasy which is a bonus for my oily/combination skin. The instructions on the bottle recommend to moisturise over the top which if I’m honest, I never do with any serum as I think it would turn my face into a concoction of grease! I find it works for me just wearing the serum on it’s own as it actually helps keep my make up in place a little bit longer during the day.

What did I think of the toner & cleanser?

Unlike some toners that can make your face feel stiff and dry it out this one does not. Again, it is very soothing on the face. The products recommend to use it straight after using the cleanser and I can assure you it makes your face feel divine afterwards. The cleanser, on the other hand, makes the skin feel not only soft and replenished but makes your skin feel like all the grease has been removed.

lebellelavie - First impressions of Bravura London

lebellelavie - First impressions of Bravura London

Overall, I can honestly say that I am very impressed with these products. Bavura, I will be looking at your skincare products in future! One other thing to add is that Bravura do not test on animals so if you like to stick with cruelty free brands then this is another reason for you to give their products a go! If you want to take a peak at what else they have to offer then take a look at their website here.

Have you tried any of Bravura’s products? 

*Although these were given to me, all opinions are my own as I like to give honest opinions and reviews.

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