Are GHDs all they are really cracked up to be?

I decided to take the plunge and invest in a set of GHDs but did I feel that they lived up to the hype surrounding them? Read below to see my thoughts on them…

lebellelavie - Are GHDs all they are really cracked up to be?

I thought it was about time to invest in a decent pair of straighteners as my current pair have served me well for the last five years but they are starting to show their age. They take a while to warm up and the button that clips them together no longer works. I hadn’t taken the plunge in buying a pair of GHDs before as I thought they were probably overrated and considering I have naturally straight hair, why would I want to invest in a very expensive pair of hair straighteners? The only reason I bought my previous pair of straighteners was because I’ve always liked to have a fringe since I was 14. You know when everyone had the scene hair that had multiple layers and had to be dead straight? Yeah, I did too as my already dead straight hair wasn’t straight enough apparently…

lebellelavie - Are GHDs all they are really cracked up to be?

I was getting fed up of my old straighteners as I just couldn’t seem to do my fringe the way I wanted it and seeing as I had birthday money left over from my family (I was originally saving for a TV but I’m sure you can tell where my priorities lie!), I thought it was time to invest in a decent pair of straighteners. With much umming and arrring as to whether I really wanted to pay that much money for GHDs, I discussed with a few people what they really thought and did a load of researching on people’s reviews. I literally couldn’t find a bad comment about them no matter how hard I looked. I then made my mind up that I was definitely going to buy a pair.

lebellelavie - Are GHDs all they are really cracked up to be?

The GHDs

As you may or may not know, the GHD brand not only make straighteners but also hair curlers and hair care products. I’m not going to lie I did feel a little overwhelmed on which type of straighteners I should order, so I settled with the Gold V GHDs in a limited edition blue colour You could order the Gold V’s in a number of different colours but being my favourite colour, I obviously had to go for blue.

lebellelavie - Are GHDs all they are really cracked up to be?

Where did I buy them from?

I ordered these from my hairdressers called Regis. Although it’s primarily a hairdressers, Regis is a chain store that you can order a vast range of hair care and beauty products from either by Click & Collect or straight to your house. I ordered these Click & Collect as it’s easier for me to pick them up on my lunch break than order to my house. The delivery said it could take anywhere in between 3-5 working days. However, I was so impressed as they literally came the next day.

lebellelavie - Are GHDs all they are really cracked up to be?

What did I think?

The Gold V edition are only basic and what I mean by that is there are no heat settings, it’s literally just an on/off switch. This confused me at first as my old straighteners had a changeable heat setting switch. Although this didn’t bother me as I never really used them much anyway. What I was impressed with though was how quickly they heat up, literally within 30 seconds! I switched them on, expecting to wait several minutes out of habit with my old straighteners, then they literally beeped at me as soon they were ready. As I’m sure you can gather, I was a little shocked due to habit of having to wait a lot longer.

lebellelavie - Are GHDs all they are really cracked up to be?

These have smaller plates than my old straighteners which are absolutely perfect for straightening my fringe. They also came with a heatproof mat which is a bonus so I don’t have to worry about potentially burning the carpet! The heatproof mat also doubles up as a bag so if I go away there’s plenty of space for my other hair products. The straighteners also come with this black cap/lid which you place over the top of them to keep the plates together. This will make life easier than using a catch that potentially breaks. Regis gave a me a free complimentary hairbrush which I’m actually quite impressed with. It doesn’t feel like it’s pulling your hair out but tackles those knots reasonably well! It’s the perfect size for a handbag or travel hairbrush.

lebellelavie - Are GHDs all they are really cracked up to be?

Another reason that drew me to GHDs is that you can curl your hair with them with relative ease. This was something I struggled with when using my old straighteners as despite being of multiple use for this, I just couldn’t get it to curl my hair. I have to be honest, I haven’t tried this yet but I’ve seen how lovely some of the hairstyles my friends have done using them and they look relatively easy to use  for curling. Have you tried using them for this and how easy do you find them?

If this has tempted you to buy a pair of GHDs, you can buy them here for £109. I can 100% guarantee you won’t be disappointed in these!

 Do you own a pair of GHDs or are you wanting to buy some? 

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