Trying out some Tanya Burr Cosmetics palettes

I had had my eye on some of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics range and as they are reasonably priced, I decided to purchase a couple of her eye palettes. Here’s what I thought of them…

lebellelavie - Trying out some Tanya Burr Cosmetics palettes

Out of the big Youtubers, Tanya Burr is one of my favourites as she comes across as a really lovely person that is very genuine. So obviously (especially considering she has added a new collection to her current beauty range) it would be rude not to purchase something!

Being someone that loves to make a statement with my eyes and has an obsession with good eyebrows, I decided to go for the brow palette and one of her new eye shadow palettes.

lebellelavie - Trying out some Tanya Burr Cosmetics palettes

Enchanted Dream Eyeshadow palette

I wanted something not too nude but also quite light and summery as well as something you can create a smoky eye with, so I opted for the Enchanted Dream palette. The Moonlit Walk and Cocoa Plum colours are quite pigmented and shimmery while the Berry Souffle and Magic Carpet are more of a matte base in comparison. I wouldn’t class them as on par with my Urban Decay palette (which I find just lasts regardless of whether you are wearing a primer) without a primer but considering each palette is only £6, I don’t think you can complain too much! I found that wearing them with an eye primer prolonged the life of them significantly. I wore the Berry Souffle combined with the Magic Carpet in London all day last weekend and it had only just started to crease by the time I got home.

lebellelavie - Trying out some Tanya Burr Cosmetics palettes

If you turn the palette over and look on the back, it mentions “Tanya’s tips” on how she tells you to apply it. So if you’re an eye shadow novice then this will be perfect in helping you learn to apply it (don’t worry, I quite often still feel like I am).

These would be great as a going away palette especially if you are going to a festival as it has a built in mirror. Although I wouldn’t recommend using the mirror permanently it is certainly useful to have when you don’t have one to hand. The palettes fit quite nicely in to most make up bags and the packaging is well designed to prevent the palettes from becoming damaged in transit. Overall, I really like it.

lebellelavie - Trying out some Tanya Burr Cosmetics palettes

The Brow palette

I have had my eyes on the eyebrow palette for a while as I thought it was about time to retire my Rimmel brow palette that had been looking passed its best shall we say! Do you ever have that issue when using eyebrow pencils that they are either too dark and blonde too light? Yeah, that’s me. What I like about this palette is that it contains a mixture of browns for those with fair eyebrows and those with much darker, you can mix them up and create your own colours just right for your brows. Again, this also contains a mirror along with a mini brow brush and tweezers; so perfect for going away with. However, I will say that I tend to prefer my own eyebrow brush, not that I think this isn’t very good, it is just personal preference. I feel that if you wanted to thicken your brows to make a bit more of a statement then this could work well.

lebellelavie - Trying out some Tanya Burr Cosmetics palettes

What did I think overall?

Hats off to Tanya Burr to having some of the most pretty drugstore make up brands there are. Her whole range has a very girly, princess kind of colour theme to it and I like that. Overall, whether you are on a budget, starting out buying make up or just want something new, I would definitely recommend trying these.

If you want to check out the Tanya Burr range, you can buy it in Superdrug or on Feelunique.

Have you tried any of Tanya Burr’s range? What do you think of it?

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