If you read my blog quite frequently, you may know that I love writing flashback posts to however many years ago when I travelled somewhere. So today’s post marks just over four years ago that I went to Germany as my final college trip back in 2012.

The trip was organised for us to travel to Nuremburg and then finish in Frankfurt as part of our history and archaeology studies on persecution and execution, primarily focusing on Medieval Witch-hunting and taking the opportunity to look at Nazi archaeology while we were there too. Such a lovely subject, I know! The trip really only consisted of two days and two nights so not long at all really but we had a crammed couple of days planned by our teachers.

After catching a coach to Heathrow from college, to fly to Munich, by the time we actually got there it was probably about 5pm. So we weren’t able to really do much on our first day as most places were closed. Instead, myself and the boys took the opportunity to find somewhere to eat nice food and drink German beer! I found this fast food van where I only bought a bread roll with salad and cheese but my God, was it amazing (Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water, haha)! We found a bar that was virtually empty, next door to our hotel which offered a pool table and a lovely outside seating area. I remember my Mum telling me to take warm clothing as it would be cold. It turned out it was hotter there than it was here, even at 1am it was still boiling outside; as soon as I walked off of that plane, the heat instantly hit me! Unlike in the UK and like most other European countries, Germany do not sell beers in pints but in litres. We bought a litre beer of Lowenborough each. Oh my God, I have never tasted beer in this country that is as nice as that! It was so light, not gassy or bloating in the slightest and didn’t make you feel ill either! It was quite easy to drink too and before we knew it we had already drank several and were all feeling incredibly merry!

On our only full day there, we were fed with German meats, cheese, bread, salad which I cannot emphasise how nice it was. I know the Germans tend to eat a lot of meat but not being a fussy vegetarian, I found it relatively easy to find food to eat.

At 9am, we had a caught a coach that took us to Nuremberg. Here we had a look at the famous Rally Grounds where Hitler carried out the majority of his speeches; we also visited the Nuremberg Nazi museum. I briefly studied Nazi Archaeology at college and after growing up with a “good guys” British and their Allies perspective on World War II, it was interesting to hear the German perspective of it. The museum presented information in both German and English so we had no issues with trying to understand anything. We were also given interactive tour guide walkie talkies (I’m sure there’s an actual word but I can’t think what it’s called off the top of my head!) which had a selection of languages to choose from. A very good feature!

Once we had had lunch, it was then on to looking at Medieval museums all about persecution and execution. Germany played a big part in European witch hunting and had far more deaths from witch hunting than the UK did or any other part of Europe for that matter (Here’s my A Level History knowledge coming back in to play! :p). One of the German museum staff gave us a talk all about the museum and the historical artifacts it holds. They even explained to us how they had had a Chinese businessman visit and he thought of it as pretty tame as they still have a death penalty in China and that this man knew of someone’s punishment fate being that he had to be cut over 300 times before he was able to die (this included his eyelids!)! If he died before this then the executor had failed and his punishment would be death. So for future reference, don’t do anything in China that could warrant yourself being put on the death penalty! All rather gruesome indeed!

This is my old history teacher, couldn’t not take the opportunity to get a photo of his! Haha :p

After we had finished looking round the museum, we were given sometime to look around Rothenburg. Rothenburg is famous for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the famous Child Catcher scenes, Christmas Markets and it’s teddy bear shop. German architecture is literally amazing and so pretty! I could literally travel through Europe purely to look at all the architecture!


It was then the hour coach ride back to Nuremburg and once back, the time was ours to do as we pleased. This meant we were oh so productive by taking advantage of all the lovely German beers that were on offer to us and spent our last night getting rather merry!

I actually woke up the next morning feeling okay but the boys were not feeling too well. Nevertheless, there was no time for resting as our last few hours in Germany were spent attending seminars from German post-graduate students all regarding witch hunting which were very fascinating!

Then it was time to head back to good ol’ Blighty! We flew back in a lightning storm which was an interesting experience to watch from a plane. As you can probably imagine there was a lot of turbulence.

Do you have any fond memories of school or college trips?

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