Lottie Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

I’m gonna hold my hands up and say that I’m rubbish at washing my make up brushes, so when I saw this Lottie Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser, I decided to give it a try and see how well it worked. Read on to see what I thought of it…

lebellelavie - Lottie Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

As much as you may love wearing make up, you should always make sure that you have a good skincare regime (i.e. taking your make up off at night) and the same goes for your make up brushes! Now, I’m going to be brutally honest here and say that I am actually quite dreadful at remembering to clean them. Whenever I remember it’s when I’m cleaning my teeth and getting ready for bed or I am getting ready to go somewhere or going away and taking the brushes with me and therefore waiting hours for brushes to dry is far from ideal. I have tried washing them before and just using my hands to apply make up but the trouble is with this is that I have become so accustomed to using brushes that I honestly feel like I’ve forgotten how to use my fingers to apply make up. Lame excuse, I know! This then results in me thinking, “I’ll get round to it soon!” and me leaving it until they are just visibly too dirty to use and resulting in me having to soak them overnight and wait for several days for them to dry properly.

I’m not sure what baby shampoos other bloggers can recommend but in my experience I found it didn’t really work so decided to use my washing up liquid instead. Unfortunately this resulted in my brushes becoming slightly damaged due to the strength of the liquid (As much as it’s great for your dishes, don’t use Fairy liquid on your brushes!). A couple of months ago I was having a browse in Superdrug and came across the Lottie Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser. As my local Superdrug which doesn’t have a stand for the Lottie brand so I had never actually seen it before. So if like me, you are unsure what they have to offer in their range, it varies from nail polish, make up brushes to cleaning kits for nails and brushes. Despite not having read any reviews on the brand beforehand it does appear to be budget friendly prices so I decided to take the plunge and buy this brush cleanser as I needed something that I could trust to clean my brushes and to prevent breakouts.

lebellelavie - Lottie Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

How does the brush cleanser work?

You may be wondering how this works and I can assure you that it is quite simple to use. The best way to use it is over a sink with luke warm water running out of the tap, you need to make sure the water is not too hot in order to prevent damage to the brushes. The brush cleanser is essentially a solid bar of soap so you need to place it under the water to create a soapy lather. I then just swirled my brushes round on the top in a circular motion and then washed under the tap. I then repeated this until I felt the brushes were clean.

What did I think of the Lottie Star Solid Brush Cleanser?

So, the big question you are probably wondering, “What did I think of it?”  To make sure all my brushes were clean, I probably repeated the process about three or four times but if you wash your brushes more regularly than me and aren’t so much of a neat freak, you might feel less washes are acceptable. I probably own somewhere between 20 – 30 brushes and regularly use about 15, I’ve washed the ones I regularly use a good three or four times now and there’s been no indent to the soap bar which shows it should last a long time so is value for money in that sense. As the soap is designed for the brushes, I felt that it not only thoroughly cleans my brushes but there is no damage to them either which is a win-win in my books. As it comes in a pot, it makes the soap easy to take away with you (Unlike a bottle of baby shampoo) although I would leave the lid off to let it air dry (This is just my tip but you don’t have to).

Although it is more expensive than baby shampoo, I personally think this is worth the price as I don’t have to spend hours soaking my brushes with minimal clean results. Priced at £6.99, you will probably find that although more expensive than baby shampoo, it will certainly cost you less money and time in the long run as you will probably end up using more baby shampoo than you do with the soap cleanser resulting in it costing you more money in the long run.

lebellelavie - Lottie Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

What’s your make up brush cleaning routine?

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