Bloggers Picnic in the Park event

Last Saturday, I went to the Bloggers Picnic in the Park event, hosted by SarahGwennanMelHannahNina and Effi.  This was my third blogging event to attend and was completely different to the others as it was held in Hyde Park rather than in a building or room somewhere. It was very relaxed and lovely to finally meet some bloggers I have had online Twitter conversations with or meet new bloggers I have never spoken to before.

I woke up on Saturday morning to what appeared to be a rainy, windy miserable day in Hampshire but once I got off the train in London the weather was actually rather pleasant. Although it was still quite windy, we had sun and the rain held off which we were incredibly lucky for!

We all brought some food that was either made or bought from the shop as well as being supplied a large amount of food and goodies from brands. Basically there was enough to feed twice as many people that were there and it all tasted wonderful! I think my favourite homemade things were Sarah’s rocky road and James and Jessica’s Oreo cheesecake though. I definitely did not need to eat tea when I got home that evening!

I haven’t been to Hyde Park since I was a child so it was nice to go in and have a look at how beautiful it is.

Once again, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the girls for hosting/creating this. You all did a fabulous job and can’t wait to see anymore events you have planned!



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