Canon vs Nikon – which dSLR to choose?

As my much loved Canon was getting on a bit, I decided to upgrade my camera. I went out with the intention of purchasing the Canon D750 but as it was sold out everywhere, I bought the Nikon D5300 instead. Here’s a few thoughts I had on moving over to Nikon from Canon…

Canon vs Nikon - which dSLR to choose?

When it comes to dSLR cameras, I have been a loyal fan of Canon for the last seven years. I bought my old Canon 1000D back in my college days when I was doing Photography A Level as it was easier to own my own camera rather than keep borrowing one from college. Another reason in relation to this as to why I bought a Canon was our college media centre had Canons and any relevant accessories for them. Basically it was the only SLR I had used and felt comfortable using plus could just borrow the lenses for my own camera. It was the ideal choice for me.

Canon vs Nikon - which dSLR to choose?

Now fast forward seven years, as much as I still love my 1000D and still use it regularly to take photos for my blog posts, it sadly is beginning to show its age. When my Lumix compact camera has better spec than the 1000D that really says it’s old! So for the last couple of months I have been doing some hunting around about what to upgrade this to. Stick with Canon or try a Nikon?

Until about a week ago, I was very determined I was going to stick with Canon. Unfortunately though, this was not the case as the Canon I had been eyeing up was out of stock everywhere or I spend more money getting another lens which was exactly the same as the one on my old 1000D. I then decided to look a bit more closely at the Nikon range, what was their comparison and what could they offer me more than Canon?

I wanted an updated dSLR for sharper, crisper images and that would be better for creating videos for Youtube with. The Nikon D5300 had all of this to offer as well as much more! It is simple and easy to use, not too heavy to carry around and is about £100 cheaper than its Canon D750 equivalent.

Canon vs Nikon - which dSLR to choose?

The overall comparison lead to that Nikon is much better for amateurs and beginners. I’m probably a bit more advanced than a beginner but seeing as I hadn’t really done much photography at university it is surprising how easy it is to forget things. Something simple to rejig my memory was perfect for me and this is what Nikon has to offer over Canon. Having said that, I can’t really do a fair comparison of both cameras as my Nikon D5300 is a higher range camera than my basic 1000D was and is also seven years newer. In the technology world that is incredibly old now. Although what I will explain is how impressed I am and easy to use the Nikon is. If you are a loyal fan of Canon I wouldn’t tell you to change your mind but if you are looking for something to enhance your blog work with, I would certainly recommend looking into the Nikon range. You will quite often find that the Nikon’s average out cheaper than Canon.

What camera do you use with your blog?

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