Lunchtime Walks

As I get an hour lunch break at work, I usually like to go for a half an hour walk round town. One day back in late April/early May, I decided to go for a walk to a place called Winnal Moors. I had never been here before despite having lived in Winchester for 3 years! It is a a nature reserve that is full of natural beauty. It has a number of nature walks along the Itchen River and although situated in the middle of Winchester, it feels like it is right in the middle of the countryside.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to walk that far as I wouldn’t have made it back in time for work but as it was such a gorgeous day, I took some photos of the scenic views. If you are ever in Winchester and want to know more about Winnal Moors, you can find more information here.

Have you been on any nature walks recently?


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