Rimmel pink and nude lipsticks perfect for Summer!

Pink and nude lipsticks are perfect colours to pair with summer and spring outfits and here’s a few I own from Rimmel…

Yes, I know we are coming towards the end of Summer now but we still have a good few weeks (Hopefully anyway!) left of sun and we may as well get all the wear and use of our summer wardrobe and make up before the cold nights really start to draw in.

lebellelavie - Rimmel pink and nude lipsticks perfect for Summer!

I don’t know about you but during the Summer months, I tend to wear a lot lighter make up and the same goes for my lipsticks! My favourite Summer lipsticks tend to vary from nude, pinks and oranges. So here are a selection of the pink lipsticks* I have been enjoying for Summer. If you read my blog on a regular basis, you have probably stumbled upon a post somewhere of me saying how much I have relied on Rimmel as a “go to” make up brand for years and their lipsticks are no exception of this!

I tend to prefer wearing a lip pencil with them to outline my lips to give them that bit more definition. What I like about Rimmel lipsticks is that they glide on easily and have a creamy texture that isn’t too waxy. It’s not that I have an issue with waxy lipsticks, I just find you have to be more forceful with the product on your lips and that could result in it looking slightly messy. With cream lipsticks I find that it is much easier to define the lips and you only need to use gentle movements with it and it can define your lips relatively easy.

lebellelavie - Rimmel pink and nude lipsticks perfect for Summer!

There are in the shades 066 Heather Shimmer, 086 Sugar Plum and 206 Nude Pink. As you can see from the swatches these are all quite shimmery shades which isn’t something I usually go for as I’m more of a matte kinda gal. However, I really like these. 206 is more of a daytime lipstick or for an occasion when perhaps you aren’t wanting to focus too much attention on the lips. While I feel that 086 and 066 are for more of a bold lip but in keeping with the current Summer trend of pinky rose lipsticks.

lebellelavie - Rimmel pink and nude lipsticks perfect for Summer!

I think the majority of my lipsticks are all from Rimmel in various shades and I am going to be completely honest and say that you will need to top it up during the day. However, the colour will last and if you don’t top it up you will just find it becomes a little faded. For me personally, I like to top mine up after I have eaten or every couple of hours as I like to make my lips as bold as the colour can give. The great thing with these lipsticks as well is that they are budget friendly and only cost around £4.99. This is probably why I own so many! For the price, you are getting good quality for your money as they aren’t wrong when they say they are “long-lasting”! You can purchase these from Boots or Superdrug and they both quite often have offers on skincare so you pick them up for cheaper. They also do a range of different colours so you don’t just have a choice of pinks as I know these are unlikely to suit everyone.

What lipsticks do you like to wear in Summer?

* Although I was gifted this product, all views are my own as I like to give honest reviews and opinions.


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