Thinking of buying business cards?

If you read my post regarding Bloggers Ball, you will have read me discussing how having business cards is important when meeting with brands (If you haven’t read the post, you can read it here). That’s from my personal experience anyway as I felt that brands won’t take you seriously. If you look at it from their perspective, it is much easier to remember someone or look up their blog with a business card that includes a logo and details rather than just a name on paper in a sea of hundreds of other names.

So as the title of this post may give away, today I’m talking all about where to get business cards from. This was something I had been thinking about before attending events but had never got round to it beforehand as I didn’t realise it was necessary, so I thought it may help those of you that
have never attended events before but are going to in the future.

I had a look around online and as much as Vistaprint and Moo look amazing, they are rather quite pricey and sadly I don’t really have the money to purchase them from there. I then stumbled across a website called Banana Print that promised 24 hour printing from as little as £4.95. They even supply templates to help you design your own style of cards. Although I didn’t use one of their designs as I had already designed my own in Canva. It included my blog header along with my details on the back. Altogether it cost me about £13 as I selected my cards to be double sided and coloured. You can add extra thickness and different finishes to the card, I decided to just keep mine simple.

In case you are wondering what information I supplied on my cards, I have created a list as follows:

  • (On the front) Header and blog tag line
  • (On the back) blor url, Twitter handle, Instagram handle, email and mobile number

You don’t have to include all of these but I felt that these were my most vital pieces of social media that portray me and my blog. I also thought that by including my email and phone number, on the off chance a brand or anyone I give business cards to want to contact me, they have easy access to this.

After I had placed my order, I realised that it either didn’t save my delivery address or I saved it to my billing address. Fortunately this was resolved via a quick email. I ordered the cards late one Monday night and they were by the next day. I was impressed as it was even quicker than the expected delivery time.

So if you are looking for somewhere to get business cards that aren’t going to break the bank, give Banana Print a visit. I cannot recommend them enough!

Have you got any recommendations on where to buy business cards?



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