Are your hands hungry for Soap & Glory’s Hand Food?

Are you one of those people that ends up with really dry hands and no matter how much you moisturise, they never seem to soften? Yeah mine too! So I tried Soap & Glory’s Hand Food and here’s what I thought…

lebellelavie - Are your hands hungry for Soap & Glory's Hand Food?

That was until Christmas last year. I think it was a gift from my Mum but may have been my sisters (I’m not sure), I was given a gift set of the Soap & Glory hand creams. As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of Soap & Glory body butters and moisturisers so I was fairly certain that I would also like these. I am not sure whether it is due to having sensitive skin or having worked in the hospitality sector for a large number of years but despite having been on the hunt for a decent hand cream to stop my poor hands from drying out, I had never been successful. Even when using medicated creams like E45 and that stuff can get expensive!

What did I think?

Not only do these make my hands smell lovely but they also make them feel like they are well nourished and actually moisturised unlike a lot of other moisturisers that just simply sit on the top of my hands and not really doing a lot. There are several different moisturisers you can get, as you can see here, I have all three in the range. The names of them are quite amusing and I love how Soap & Glory always have a retro look about them. These would also be an ideal purchase for someone that gets dry hands now that we are heading in to Autumn/Winter as this is another issue I have myself which I can assure you it works for!

My personal favourite has to be the Smoothie Star as I think this has the most gorgeous smell! Although I wouldn’t say it smells like smoothie as to me it smells like a vanilla cakey kind of smell.

lebellelavie - Are your hands hungry for Soap & Glory's Hand Food?

I wasn’t much of a fan of the Sugar Crush one at first but overtime it has certainly grown on me. It has a very prominent citrusy, sour kind of smell and I’m much more of a sweet, floral smell kinda gal. As I said, it has grown on me though and I now actually quite like it.

lebellelavie - Are your hands hungry for Soap & Glory's Hand Food?

However, if you are not keen on scented moisturisers then you could always choose the original Soap & Glory hand cream. Despite the packaging saying Rose, I feel that this has a very soft, neutral smell.

lebellelavie - Are your hands hungry for Soap & Glory's Hand Food?

Cost & repurchasing

So you might be thinking it all sounds wonderful but what about the price? With every Soap & Glory product I have ever owned, I feel that they are great value for money as they will literally last you for months! As this specific gift set was a Christmas present I don’t know the exact price of it but as these are the mini hand creams, you can purchase the minis separately for £2.50 or the larger tubes for £5.50. For something that actually softens my hands prevents dry skin this is a very reasonable price.

Would I buy again? Yes!

Have you tried the Soap & Glory hand creams or anything else in the range?
What did you think?

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