Five hair products that I can’t live without


In order to keep my hair maintained and looking healthy I
need to use a number of hair products. The issue with my hair is that it is
incredibly thick, long, dry ends and greasy roots, so a combination of a lot problems
basically. Although I try not to put too many things in my hair at once these
are a selection of products that I alternate through my hair to basically keep
it manageable!

Coconut Oil

I couldn’t live without this stuff! Whenever
the ends of my hair are feeling like straw, I scoop a spoonful of this stuff
out on to my hand then massage into the ends. Although be careful by just
putting it on your hand as there is nothing wrong with this but you will find
that it melts relatively and no one wants an oily mess everywhere. I just buy
the standard virgin oil pot from the supermarket which can be used in cooking
or plenty of other non-edible ways (I wrote a post on coconut oil before that
you can read here). I sometimes like to use it in cooking so hence why I scoop
it out of a pot with a spoon rather than my fingers. I tend to leave it on my
hair from anywhere between half an hour to overnight, it just depends how much
TLC my hair is after. Once you wash it out it is probably best to shampoo your
hair several times as I have made the mistake of only doing it once/putting a
little too much oil in and then it is still greasy!

You can buy this from most supermarkets but I picked this up in Boots.

Moroccan Oil

 This was something that my hairdresser
recommended to me. I was a little anxious about buying it at first as one small
bottle costs about £14. However, she very convincingly told me that it would
last me a long time and that I would not need to buy anymore for a very long
time. I was wrong not to trust her originally as this stuff is amazing! Okay,
so it sounds a little pricey at first but I have had this bottle since April
(Has it really been that long since my last haircut!?), I place tiny amount in
my hand and then massage into the ends. Not only does it stop my hair from
feeling dry it also replenishes it and I can feel my hair feeling healthier
when using this stuff. So when you think of the price and even it out it really
isn’t particularly expensive at all!

You can buy this from Regis.

Hair Invisibobbles*

I had been eyeing these up for a while
and then was fortunate to be given some at the Bloggers Ball. These are
probably one of the best hair products that I have had the privilege of owning!
I don’t know about you but I tend to wear my hair up a lot to just keep it out
the way but using hair bands either snap my hair, get knotted in to my hair and
simply just hurt my head. These, on the other hand, do not. They are designed
to stretch with your hair and do not hurt one bit. Occasionally I find they can
knot into my hair if it is having a particularly bad knot day but not on the
same scale as a standard hairband. You can pick these up relatively cheaply, so
what are you waiting for? Go, go go!

These were given to me at the Bloggers Ball by Just Beauty.

Tangle Teezer

Another stable part of any girl’s hair
products. If you don’t have one, get one! These are a life saver for your hair!
If you end up with really bad knots and feel like almost virtually crying as to
how painful it is to brush them out then look no further. The Tangle Teezer is
designed to brush through the hair with minimal tear and damage. I don’t think
it is designed for it as there is a specific one you can buy for wet hair but I
find this brush good to use for brushing my hair prior to blowing the hairdryer
over it. The only downside I would say for the Tangle Teezer is for me
personally that it is not quite thick enough to glide through my whole hair. I
quite often have to brush underneath and on top to make sure all those pesky
knots have gone! Oh, the joys of thick hair… So if Tangle Teezer could bring
out a brush designed for thicker hair then that would be fab and I would be
right on that!

You can purchase this from Boots.


Loreal Clay Masque

I found this back in April (probably
due to the hype around it) because I had a free sample with Cosmopolitan
Magazine. What drew me to this is that it is a product designed for oily roots
and dry ends and seeing as I suffer with both this would be a perfect product
for me! After using the sample, I found that my hair felt a lot less greasy at
the roots than usual so I decided to buy the actual masque. It was on offer for
£2 in Boots at the time which was an offer I just couldn’t not snap up. The
issue I find with using damage protection/dry hair shampoos is that although
they are very nourishing they also leave the roots feeling very greasy very
quickly. I have been using the hair masque about 2/3 times a week with
whichever shampoo and conditioner I have and while the ends are being
replenished this hair masque has actually been making my roots feel a lot less
greasy that some days when I am being incredibly lazy and not bothering to wash
my hair, I feel I can stretch it just that little bit further with getting away
when washing it. So seriously, if you suffer with a hair issues like mine, what
are you waiting for!? Go out and buy this!

You can purchase this from Boots and Superdrug.

What hair products do you like using in your hair?


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