Five Lipsticks for Autumn


It’s that time of year where Autumn is finally starting to settle in, we can start bring out the thicker clothes, snuggly PJs and also a lot bolder lipsticks. With this in mind, I thought I would write an obligatory post on some of my favourite lipsticks to get me ready for the transition in to Autumn.

Model Co – Smitten

This was a lipstick received in a Birchbox last year that I did a swap with my friend Kate for. I originally received a nude lipstick which Kate prefers and I prefer bold, coloured ones so we therefore decided to swap. This is quite creamy and easy to use on the lips either with or without a lip pencil. When wearing this lipstick I’ve found that like most, you will need to top it up throughout the day but it will last for a few hours before needing to be touched up as it tends to fade. This has more waxy feel to it and although it glides on relatively easy, it is easier to control its application by using lip liner to give your lips a bolder, defined statement to them.


Barry M – 164

This is more of what I would describe as a suttle, everyday wear kinda lipstick. It is a lot more waxy in comparison to my other lipsticks but in some respects this can be easier for applying precisely when outlining the lips. In general, I tend to use a lipliner but for those odd occasions I’m in a rush or can’t find my liner and I just simply have to make do with the lipstick; having a waxier base is much easier for precisely outlining the lips. I also find the waxy texture is beneficial in making the lipstick have a relatively good staying power. Although, it will need topping up from time to time through out the day


Topshop Lip Bullet

Okay, so it is not exactly a lipstick but I would still put it in the lipstick pile. I bought this last year in the Topshop Christmas sales for around £2. I don’t own that many dark purple lipsticks and I thought, “Hey, it’s £2 – what’s the worst that can happen!?” It doesn’t actually have a name on it so I can’t tell you which shade it is other than a “purple one”. Overall, I am actually really pleased I purchased this as I absolutely adore it! I wore it at a wedding with a purple dress, back in the Summer and I was so impressed as to how good the staying power of it is. I only had to apply it about 2/3 times to top it up throughout the day and that was mainly due to me reapplying my lip balm. Okay, so that may sound like a lot but bear in mind I was also eating and drinking through out the day which I find with a lot of lipsticks will need reapplying after this anyway. This is my first Topshop lip product I have bought and after being so impressed by this one, I feel that (despite owning a vast amount of lipsticks anyway!) my lipstick collection really does need some more of the Topshop range in it.


Maybelline – Coffee Craze 740

I bought this last winter as I really wanted a coffee, nude brown kind of lipstick as opposed to my many pinky nudes that I own. It is a really lovely lipstick that glides on well but unfortunately every time I wear it, I just feel that it doesn’t suit my pale complexion. I don’t own a lot of Maybelline lipsticks but the ones I have owned and including this one, I feel that that they don’t have the best long lasting wear. It has a rather creamy texture but not in the same way as Rimmel lipsticks do but a creamy texture that feels it fades relatively quickly. This would be more ideal for someone with a much darker complexion than my own.


Rimmel Kate Moss – 30 

If you read my blog frequently then you will know that it is no secret that I do have a soft spot for a Kate Moss lippy! It is no coincidence either that no 30 is one of my favourites for Autumn/Winter and as a going out lipstick or just simply feeling that little bit “goth” in the loosest terms. In the last couple of years, I’ve gone from being a girl that barely wore lipstick to a girl that absolutely adores it and this was one of the first various shades I bought that weren’t just another red lippy (as red was all I ever wore at one time). This has a rather creamy texture and glides on well, thus making it easy to use. I wouldn’t say Rimmel have the best long wear time but they will last through out the day. I would say they just fade in colour rather than wear off and they are great for those of you on a budget as they don’t cost a lot either. If you pop in to Boots and Superdrug frequently (Who doesn’t if you love make up, right!?) you will probably find that you can pick up a few on some sort of 2 for 3 or buy one get one free deal that they run on a regular basis.

The swatches below are in the order of the lipsticks above. From left to right: Model Co Smitten, Barry M 164, Topshop Lip Bullet, Maybelline Coffee Craze 740, Rimmel Kate Moss 30.

What lipsticks do you like to wear in Autumn?


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