Bored of having an ordinary cup of tea?

As the title of this posts says, do you ever feel that you get bit bored of drinking tea? No, just me? Here’s a few other tea choices from Oteas, Tesco, Clippers, Twinings.

lebellelavie - Bored of having an ordinary cup of tea?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good cuppa tea (living up to the British stereotype much!?) but working in an office where the kettle gets boiled every five minutes and an endless supply of tea and coffee all day, it just gets a bit boring after a while. My current job I started back in April and it was here I discovered a love for fruit tea. I had never actually really drank it before as the thought of something hot and fruity had always just put me off. I think it was due to the fact that I was introduced to having a glass of squash with hot water instead of cold. Now I am not a big fan of squash anyway but it had put me off until I was nearly 24!

lebellelavie - Bored of having an ordinary cup of tea?

A lot of my colleagues in my office like to drink fruit tea and one day while making a round, I thought how fruity and delicious they smelt so I took a chance to give one a try. I haven’t looked back since! The beauty with fruit teas is that if you get bored of a certain flavour then there are so many more to choose from! As you can see below, here are a selection that I have been enjoying recently.

lebellelavie - Bored of having an ordinary cup of tea?

Knightsbridge Raspberry & Peach fruit

I bought these for around 85p in Lidl as I did that ting of, “Ooooh they’re cheap!” before realising that I could actually buy cheaper teabags else where but never mind. What also drew me to picking these up was that I liked the sound of the flavour. These are  Raspberry and Peach flavour which I hadn’t seen before and thought sounded rather nice. However, I have to be completely honest and say that I am not actually that fussed by them. It could just be me but I find these to have very little taste. They just taste like hot water with a slight fruity smell. You can buy other flavours in this range but I haven’t bothered as I have enjoyed other brands flavours more.

lebellelavie - Bored of having an ordinary cup of tea?

Oteas Wellness Selection

These were given to me by the lovely girls that organised the Bloggers Picnic in the Park event. These aren’t so much of a fruity flavour but more of a health and wellness selection of tea. Oteas are a British based brand of tea and have a vast selection of ranges. As you may have gathered from what I just said and the names of the tea, these are part of their Wellness Selection. My favourite probably is the Rejuvenate as after having a cup of this, I feel very refreshed. However, I can’t say I dislike any of them. They are all really nice to drink after a hard day at work when you just want to relax and unwind.

lebellelavie - Bored of having an ordinary cup of tea?

Clippers Chamomile Organic

The Chamomile isn’t the only tea I drink by Clippers as their standard organic tea is also rather nice but I am not talking about that (A post for another time?). As it suggests, the chamomile tea is another great tea to drink while you are trying to unwind before bed. Just to show how much it works, I once went to visit Greg’s Grandma and made the mistake of having a cup one afternoon. It was safe to say that I needed a cup of coffee straight after to stop myself from falling asleep! However, I wouldn’t say it has the nicest taste but it is quite pleasant to drink.

lebellelavie - Bored of having an ordinary cup of tea?

Tesco infusion selection

For something I just picked up on a whim, these (especially the berry ones) have to be one of my favourites. They all cost 75p each per box. The green tea has a selection of variations as you can buy it with lemon, plain with ginger, etc. They also have a number of other flavours in the range but I have only stuck to the green, berry and mint teas. I quite enjoy the mint tea but I usually tend to drink this when I feel bloated or have an upset stomach as mint tea is good for these symptoms.While the berry tea is so fruity and flavoursome! I just love coming home from a long day at work and having a cup plus for the price of them they are not exactly going to break the bank!

lebellelavie - Bored of having an ordinary cup of tea?

Twinings fruit selection

I bought these as they were reduced due to the box being slightly damaged. If you are unsure about what flavours to try these kind of boxes are a great way to find out what you really like. Although I had tried a couple of these as we have them at work there was also a number that I had not had before. If I had to name my favourite I actually would not be able to as they all taste so nice! These are also just as fruity and flavoursome as the Tesco berry tea but with these you obviously get a varied selection. So if you want a fruit tea but don’t fancy “just berry” one of these selection boxes are for you.

Do you drink fruit or other variations of tea? Whats your favourite?

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