A review of Bug Bee Boom Jewellery*

A jewellery company based in Hong Kong, known as Bug Bee Boom, recently sent me a bracelet and here’s what I thought of it…

lebellelavie - A review of Bug Bee Boom Jewellery

Today’s post is a collaboration with Bug Bee Boom. After inviting me to take a look at their new website and enjoying my blog they offered me a piece of jewellery of my choice. After having a look around their website, it was a tough decision what to choose but I finally settled on this bracelet.

lebellelavie - A review of Bug Bee Boom Jewellerylebellelavie - A review of Bug Bee Boom Jewellerylebellelavie - A review of Bug Bee Boom Jewellery

The company are based in Hong Kong, so when I ordered this bracelet I was expecting it to take a while to arrive. However, to my surprise, it took less than a week to arrive so it must have been sent via fast shipping! As you can see from the photos above, the bracelet arrived in this pretty lilac packaging.

Bug Bee Boom jewellery has a really pretty, vintage style to it as you can see from the bracelet. The company offers a selection of jewellery ranging from earrings, bracelets and necklaces. It also looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. BBB’s jewellery would make a great gift idea for for friends and family or even if you fancy treating yourself. It would make a fantastic jewellery accessory for a night out and no more expensive than jewellery from the high street stores. This bracelet cost £10 as an example of their prices.

lebellelavie - A review of Bug Bee Boom Jewellery

In order to give an honest opinion, the only complaint that I have with the bracelet is that it is a little on the small side. As you can see below, I don’t have particularly large wrists but you can see that it is a little small on me. In order to resolve this issue, I would suggest that Bug Bee Boom either make various sizes or ask for people to measure their wrists and provide the sizing details. This is just my opinion as I personally can bend it out slightly to fit my wrist. However, someone that is bigger than myself may not be able to do this so easily.

A side from the one issue, I really like this bracelet and shall enjoy wearing it.

Would I buy again?

Yes. As I have previously mentioned that I really like this style of jewellery and I personally think it is great for accessorising outfits. I will definitely be looking at their website in future.

lebellelavie - A review of Bug Bee Boom Jewellery

lebellelavie - A review of Bug Bee Boom Jewellery

Who are Bug Bee Boom?

BOOM LINK LTD is a Hong Kong based company specialize in managing online retailing, distribution and trading of commodity goods range from fashion accessories to household products. The company is committed to being a responsible retailer and an even better neighbor by making meaningful contributions in all our communities. We support the well-being of our customers, associates and global partners, source our products responsibly and care for each product sell under our brands.

(Information from www.BugBeeBoom.com)

What do you think of Bug Bee Boom? Will you be buying anything from their website? 

* Although this was gifted to me, all opinions are my own as I like to give honest opinions and reviews.

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