The Ecotools Contouring Brush Set

Are you always on the hunt for new makeup brushes of decent quality but aren’t going to break the bank? Yeah, me too. After having a browse one day on my lunch break in Boots, these caught my eye as I had been looking for a decent set of contour brushes for a while. This Ecotools set are specifically more an eye and contour brush set.

lebellelavie - The Ecotools Contouring Brush Set

After I had finished work that day, I decided to pop back to Boots to pick these up. I think that they cost around £16 but I got £3.50 off them thanks to the money that was left on my sister’s gift card for my birthday. I was fairly certain that these would be a decent set of brushes as I have had a couple of Ecotools makeup brush sets before and along with Real Techniques they make up the majority of my brushes.

lebellelavie - The Ecotools Contouring Brush Set

My predictions were right as I was not disappointed with these brushes. I use them most days and feel that they are much more precise at trying to contour than using buffer brushes. Now being very pale, I am sure you can imagine how badly that looked with bronzer and blusher not being controlled over my face.

lebellelavie - The Ecotools Contouring Brush Set

The set comes in a little bag which is perfect for travel and there is also space to add in other brushes. The set contains a number of brushes of various sorts that are all stated on the end of the brush’s shaft as well as a tag on the bag explaining what each brush is to be used for.

lebellelavie - The Ecotools Contouring Brush Set

These aren’t the cheapest brushes but they aren’t particularly expensive either and at least you know with Ecotools brush sets that you are getting a decent quality. You can buy these in Boots and Superdrug for around £16.99.

What contour brushes do you use?

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