A summer’s day visit to Lakeside

Lakeside is a country park that is located pretty much on my doorstep  and as it was such a nice, sunny, summer’s day, I decided to go for a walk there with one of my friends. Lakeside has plenty of open walks and ponds to walk around…

lebellelavie - A summer's day visit to Lakeside

Although I have considered this a travel post this isn’t so much of a exotic or different part of the country travel post as Lakeside is literally a drive down the road from my house. However, instead of a random post of somewhere; today, I thought I would post something about the beauty of Hampshire.

lebellelavie - A summer's day visit to Lakeside

Although I live in a town and have lived in a city the last four years prior to that, Winchester and its surrounding areas are quite lucky in the fact that you can be slap bang in the middle of a town or city (although despite being a city Winchester is a questionable size that is a more of a town) but if you go a few miles out (or even in some parts a short walk), you will be in the middle of the countryside. Personally, I think Hampshire has a very quaint and pretty countryside as it has this kind of luscious green and golden glow to it.

lebellelavie - A summer's day visit to Lakeside

Before I start rambling off about what I enjoy about the Hampshire countryside, I will refer back to Lakeside. Lakeside is a country park situated in Eastleigh but is very accessible from Southampton, Winchester and other surrounding areas. According to the Visit Hampshire website, it has over 60 acres of surrounding areas. It is easily accessible and perfect for those with children to entertain as it is not too hilly! There are picnic areas and even a steam train, as well as the Lake to walk down to. The Council (I think) are also in the process of renovating a new visitor centre so there will be lots more information provided about Lakeside.

lebellelavie - A summer's day visit to Lakeside

I have been here a couple of times with Greg but these photos are from when I visited with my friend Joe who came to stay with me for a couple of days. We went one Summer’s evening a few weeks back to see if we could catch Pokemon. Unfortunately the signal wasn’t too great for that but it was rather pleasant sitting by the water. There were other people there just enjoying relaxing there, eating picnics and actually fishing.

lebellelavie - A summer's day visit to Lakeside

If you are ever in Hampshire and fancy a few hours walking somewhere then definitely check out Lakeside. It is free although the steam train is not but the most expensive ticket is is £3.50 for an adult.

What country parks have you been to that you would recommend?

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