So…? Fragrance Press Day

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you may have seen that last week I was invited to an exclusive preview event of So…? Fragrances new range that is being released exclusively to Superdrug on 29th September. (In case you are wondering why all my photos are slightly lilac tinted this was due to the lighting in the venue. I also only took my compact camera with me so some of the photos may not be as good as when taken with my dSLR).

Due to the event being on a Monday evening it meant that I had to hop on a train to London straight after work but unfortunately I was a bit late turning up to the event due to trains being delayed and what not. However, it was no issue as there were plenty of friendly faces and press staff to talk to. The event was held at Icetank in London and although it was a small venue was actually a really lovely. It isn’t particularly large but for the amount of bloggers and other guests that attended, it was the perfect size!

We were served mocktails named after each of the sprays in the new range. I had a Floriental and White Petals. There was also a selection of canapes and cupcakes that had the So…? Fragrance logo on top of the icing.



There was a photobooth were you could take silly photos and this is where I met Viola and her friend. A really lovely girl that blogs about travel, you can check out her blog here. We also had the opportunity to have your nails painted and as you can see this was the design that I chose. It is quite a simple design but really pretty none the less. Some people had theirs painted with all these wonderful patterns but unfortunately I broke several of mine a couple of days before which was a bit unfortunate but never mind!

Seeing as it was a pre launch press event, we were given the opportunity to smell the new fragrances. I couldn’t really decide which one was my favourite as they all smell wonderful but if I had to choose, it would probably be Floriental. At the end of the event, each blogger was given a goodie bag* containing a selection of mists from the new range and although I always claim I am a sweet, floral scented kinda gal, I have to say I have been enjoying the Fresh Musk scent. This is what I would describe as an older person’s scent but if you want something that is a little suttle and not to prominent then I would actually recommend this.

The other two mists I was given are Vanilla Milkshake and White Petals. White Petals has a delicate, floral smell to it while the Vanilla Milkshake mist has a sweet vanilla smell. I have to be honest and say that I am quite glad I was given these scents as I probably would only consider buying the Floriental mist. It has certainly made me open to trying new scents rather than to just sticking to what I usually love.


Are you looking forward to trying this range? Which spray do you want to try most?


* Although this was gifted to me, all opinions are my own as I like to give honest opinions and reviews.

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